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Rex Warwood, 80, Pukekohe, NZ. Journalist-author, anti-vaxxer, old kook. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this article, Rex died from COVID on November 27, 2021. Rex was a popular journalist in New Zealand. He was the editor of Franklin County News and owner of Franklin Life. He also wrote a novel called The Long Frost: A Bloomsbury Family in Crisis. Now I normally wouldn't even bother posting someone this old who died of COVID. Hell, gotta go somehow, and they might not be at the door at 80, but they are certainly on the porch. Anyway, this guy went kicking and screaming about every conspiracy theory you can think of related to COVID and vaccines on Facebook. Typing a lot of his rants in all caps, even. Maybe he was senile, but again, how would we be able to tell the difference?

We'll start with his anti-vaxx posts starting in March. Standard anti-Fauci stuff:

All caps already! COVID is a fraud.

I forgot to mention that he was a Q-tard!

Certificate of Vaccination I.D. LOL.

Depopulating Earth.

He can't decide which conspiracy theory to hang his hat on...

See? It's a bio-weapon, but also doesn't exist?

I wonder if anyone told him what's in it?

COVID isn't the bio-weapon...Vaccines are, now:

Brings the Nazi thing up...

He wants to get rid of the Facebook fact checking notices...

I can't tell, are politicians part of the depopulation plan or not?

Now he thinks Joe Biden is currently being played by an actor...

So wait...are vaccines supposed to depopulate OR are they to control? Why would you want to control fewer people? I'm so confused:

There was an immunity debate in New Zealand?

Cool, here is the obligatory Ivermectin post:

Let's put our babies in baskets on rivers?

He follows the Alien Lizard Man himself:

Loves Joe Rogan's take:

They follow Rand Paul in New Zealand?

His final anti-vaxx post is one of the standard issue memes that all anti-vaxxers seem to post:

Well...then he died:

RIP Rex.

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