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Richard Linderman, 50, Tri-cities, Wash, 'Community Organizer', anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this story, Richard Linderman, an ex-con who founded "Incarceration to Inspiration" to give back to the community, was an admitted anti-vaxxer. 14 members of his family became sick, including his 8-months pregnant daughter who is still in the ICU, according to the story.

“I’m trying to get the reality of this story out there for the skeptics like myself that thought they’d never get it,” Linderman said. “This past week was an eye-opener.”

Linderman explained that “all of the back and forth of the vaccine”, including the “parade on TV about getting the vaccine”, kept him from becoming vaccinated.

“What I truly didn’t know is that it would’ve kept the severity of the symptoms away and I might not be fighting for my life, so that’s on me. Once we’re able to my entire family will get vaccinated,” Linderman said.

I researched Richard a bit and discovered that he'd just gotten out of prison in 2020 after serving 7 years of an 8 year sentence. Once he got out of prison he dedicated his life to helping others, formed "Incarceration To Inspiration", and became a well respected member of the Tri-city area.

Hopefully he continues to be an inspiration by INSPIRING KNUCKLEHEADS TO GET VACCINATED.

RIP Richard.

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Lorrie Wilson
Lorrie Wilson
17. Sept. 2021

Richard is from my community. Out of prison he completely turned his life into a life of service, positively and a love for God! He was a very good person and was not necessarily an anti-VAXER. Just didn’t get around to getting the vaccine… which still resulted in his death unfortunately. However, his message to get vaccinated resulted in many many people in his community getting the vaccine which otherwise would not have. Rest In Peace Richard! You made a difference in your life!

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Unknown member
26. Sept. 2021
Antwort an

There are no gods. Grow up.

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I hope the organization he created continues to do good works in the community. RIP.

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Compassion for all.

Gratitude for the wisdom to make good choices.

Let's use these examples to bridge the divide, not widen it.

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This guy seems like someone who actually learned his lesson from his previous bad behavior and was actively working to help keep people out of prison. That is a good thing. We need more people like that.

It's a shame he fell into the trap of thinking that he didn't need the vaccine, or thinking that it must be bad because everyone was telling him to get it.

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Unknown member
11. Sept. 2021

I'm kinda ok with all these folks taking themselves out...if only it was just themselves. The willful ignorance, and stupidity echo chamber have given me an empathy-ectomy. RIP brah...(relieved you're outta the gene pool - too bad about your family...)

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