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Richard Morgan, 68, Cottage Grove, MN, Wife Took Him out of Hospital, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

Let's meet Richard "Rick" Morgan and his very vocal wife Cindee Martin Morgan of Cottage Grove, MN. Rick was a webmaster at Christian Research Institute, founded by Cindee's father Walter Ralston Martin. Cindee is the author of Rescue Me and The Bible Answer Man: Walter Martin and Hank Hanegraaff. Jump to comments.

Rick and Cindy are featured here because they're both anti-vaxxers who FAFO.

We'll start off with their anti-vax stance, mixed in with politics and religion. Rick seemed to just share whatever Cindee posted.

That's a good way to spin it.

I hope her teaching skills are better than her writing skills.

So, ghosts don't exist but demons do.

Most anti-vaxxers that we’ve featured at HCA tend to have at least one post on socialism and, if they're still alive in late November 2021, they'll have one cheering on Rittenhouse. Cindee didn't disappoint.

Cindee shared a lot of thoughts on politics. You can probably guess which way she leans.

Here's the start of their COVID journey.

Is she trying to get brownie points with God?

We knew Rick would be the one taking the fall. Ain't love grand. They're always willing to take the monoclonal antibodies but never the vaccine.

Why even take him to the hospital? Just get him into your bed.

Uh oh. The dreaded Covid pneumonia.

I had no idea who she was even talking about. Jussie Smollett. Really?

Doctors actually prescribed him Ivermectin?

So many therapeutics? I can only imagine what she's asking the doctors to prescribe him.

She's taking advice from a lady at church, who knows everything because her mother is a nurse. She's also fighting the hospital because Rick doesn't want a ventilator but she also doesn't want the hospital to put DNR in his records. I really feel for all healthcare workers dealing with this craziness on top of everything else.

What a wicked world we live in. 🤭

She's now trying to get him out of the hospital and back home. Good luck with that, Cindee.

Rick is home. Applesauce and juice?????

2 days later. The applesauce didn't work. Rick went home to Jesus and earned his Herman Cain Award.

As usual, they hate socialism unless they actually need it.

It's easier to believe this than to face actual reality.

We originally thought Helene was her actual sister but she uses that term loosely with friends from church. Sudden illness, aka COVID.

We did a little digging into sister Helene Stein Disney-Viteo. Her son died of COVID back in September. She also died due to COVID. She didn't have any antivax posts so no awards were handed out.

Back to Cindee. Guilt seems to be eating at her.

Da Fuq?

Another "sister" needs prayers. That sure sounds like COVID to me.

Only needs oxygen. No biggie.

Cindee's father is Walter Ralston Martin. He was big in the Christian/Evangelist world back in the '70s & '80s. He also traveled around with Billy Graham.

As always, please get vaccinated. You can find us on Facebook at Herman Cain Awards.

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08 août 2023

I am sure this idiots parents who lived with rations would have smacked him upside the head. Look at all they sacrificed during the war. He was asked to put a mask on and get a vax, which he already had about 18 others. That is why his parents generation was called the greatest generation, they sacrificed for the good of the country, not whined like little bitches


Wow! Where to start. If god was with him at the hospital, then where was he? At the vending machine? Glad to see her fogged up in her suit though. She then takes him home to die instead of using a ventilator. Then the icing on the cake was a smashed up Christmas tree. “God” must really love her. I wonder if she’s still bashing the vax. What a loser.


What a moronic fukin Twunt. killing her family is worth it to her just to score Jesus points and sympathy form her equally retarded flock . Science is wasted on these amoebas.


15 sept. 2022

Jesus was busy the day you kicked the Covid bucket over....Covfefe!!!


God love idiots

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