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Robert Barth, 70, Edmond, OK, retired, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

UPDATE: Mercy Hospital has filed a restraining order. See below

Original Post:

According to social media posts (below), Bob died February 11th, 2022. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from someone at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City asking me to help spread the word that they were being harassed by some church that was trying to control how they were treating a patient. They didn't provide any links, so I wrote them back and asked for more details but never heard back. I get a ton of messages suggesting stories, so I forgot about it. Then, a couple of days ago, I saw this story on the HCA Awards. Turns out the patient was Bob Barth. Bob and his wife Gail belong to the Ekklesia of Oklahoma, a church (sort of) and Christian political organization in Oklahoma City. Now, Bob and Gail didn't post much on Social Media, but that changed for Gail on January 16, 2022, when she started posting things from the Pastor of Ekklesia of Oklahoma, Daniel Navejas, and his sidekicks Kyle Brown and Hannah Silk. Those three are basically the entire organization of this Ekklesia group, as far as I can tell. In fact, I'm not even sure this group is a church; they just seem like three video bloggers pushing their political agenda, which is all about ending abortion in Oklahoma. Anyway, I'm not sure when Bob got sick with COVID, but I suspect it was before Gail started doing all this posting on her Facebook, because she became interested in COVID "tyranny" about this time, and started supporting these clowns at Ekklesia of Oklahoma, the group that ended up harassing the staff at Mercy Hospital. From now on, I'll call them the three stooges. Watch all six videos in full and we'll give you a well-earned badge. This is very long so here is a link to the bottom

All right, let's started. Gail's first post was this video from the three stooges in which they are of course talking about the tyranny of mandates and justifying civil disobedience based on the ideas of The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates, a book calling for revolt motivated by the Bible. Basically, the Christian right wing really are the American Taliban who want our government to be a theocracy. However, if THESE three stooges are the type of people revolting, we don't have anything worry about: they are simply too lame to be dangerous.

After this post, Gail gathers anti-vaxx shit-posting steam:

Bob is in the hospital:

Ivermectin is "Old-Fashioned American Hope"?

Update on Bob:

These anti-vaxx people always feel the need to justify their not getting vaccinated after they get COVID. Never fails.

Loving the Canadian Convoy (FYI it was 400 trucks not 50,000. The actual number is about 550 according to this article.)

Killing the military...

God Dahm this guy!

LOL. This is just ridiculous.

Update on Bob. He's in the ICU and she's already mentioning "treatments", We know which "treatments" she means.

She discovers the wonders of the anti-vaxx memes:

Now let's switch over to this "pastor" Daniel Navejas. He's decided how the hospital should treat Bob's pneumonia, and his treatment is Bodesonide:

And the grift begins. Time to ask for cash:

Daniel starts the "Save Bob" campaign:

"Evil Marxist control death camp." This grifter needs to raise $20K to fight them.

Ok, now let's see the three stooges and their fellow protesters at Mercy. Gail speaks and we find out that he was on Ivermectin, which obviously didn't work. We also find out that the doctors give him no chance of survival, most likely because his lungs are completely scarred and he's too old for a lung transplant. These idiots want to try Budesonide. Even it it worked, and there is scant evidence it does, it is way too late for that as it's just a steroid, and inflammation is obviously not the problem. At the end of the day, this is about the three stooges wanting some cash. (Were there ever any attorneys?)

First, they are delusional. They think the nurses are supporting them. They are told to leave the property or get arrested. CEO of Mercy says he can't tell the doctors what to do.

The police explain that they are on private property and have to leave. They decide they want to get arrested.

They get arrested.

These people are crazy and delusional.

Response to this video, which I consider good news:

By the way, Bob died:

Mercy responds to the online attacks the staff received (inspired by these three stooges):

Here are the letters. They make clear that there is no Fauci protocol, no government vouchers, that they don't make money when patients die, and that they aren't murders. Obviously the staff is scared of these idiots:

Daniel calls the doctors "mass murders" and repeats the Fauci protocol BS. Filing charges = send him more money:

He sucks...

RIP Bob.


UPDATE: Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City has filed a restraining order against these three stooges from the Ekklesia of Oklahoma religious cult and their followers:

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Mar 08, 2022



Krissie Kochanski
Krissie Kochanski
Mar 02, 2022

Anyone heard any news on the restraining order / court case?


Feb 25, 2022

even in new england:

John Miller
John Miller
Mar 10, 2022
Replying to

I guess not, because neither one shows up as a link.

Yet, it sato's link will work in my browser to go to that page if I copy-and-paste it there. Anybody have an idea what's up?


Anne Gillingham
Anne Gillingham
Feb 25, 2022

Here's one:

This lovely Oklahoma candidate for the House got drunk at 13 year old girls' slumber party and vomited in a hamper.

Pray 🙏 for her, for the good of our nation.

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