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Rose Giddings,61, Hermantown, MN. Biz owner, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to social media posts (below) Rose died from COVID on November 27, 2021. Rose and her husband Mike have been in the recycling business in the Duluth, MN area for 37 years. Rose was a prolific poster of anti-vaxx Facebook stories and memes, so much so that I took more screenshots of her Facebook page than any on SAV thus far. I won't post them all, but I got tired and stopped at 75 posts. Most of her memes were recycled, as you'd expect from someone in the recycling business.

Again, I'm not going to post them all, but there were a LOT:

^^^ not sure the point of this. I'm scared of a lot of things more than COVID.

I'll take "What are labs and statistical inference?" for 200:

Well, this meme is about to make a huge comeback with the Omicron variant spreading:


Yep. And then find out.


I heard it's great for Malaria:

Been a while since I've seen a "Let that sink in", which seemed to peak during the southern peak of stupidity over the summer of 2021.



Almost forgot about this goofball:

Quoting Del Bigtree. Learned about him while researching Marcus Lamb. He was a regular anti-vaxx guest on Daystar Television:

I don't remember this, and I lived through the 80s and 90s.

Loss of life is actually forever. Loss of freedom has never been forever. See Slavery for instance. Rating: Dumb.

Seems an odd thing to post for someone who votes Republican. Every Republican voted against an effort to restrict drug prices:

Dumb...There's so much wrong with quoting Nuremberg Codes with regard to these vaccines...



Thousand of Russian trolls....


Who's going to tell her that science is created by "scientists"? Also, why would anyone listen to a non-scientist about science?

Perhaps the most recycled of all:

ASIDE (this is the reason, post from Vaxman):

She just posted a meme about vitamins C and D, and Zinc. Somebody is making money and guess what? It's the same ol' Big Pharma people.

Bill O'Reilly is still around? Ugh.

I hate Wisconsin because of this guy:


I never go out without my mast.

^^^^^^^^! (posted by Vaxman)




Ah, that asshole Peter McCullough...

LOL @ Obedience training...

Another misreading of VAERS and its purpose:

At least you didn't submit, Rose!


Recylced. Also, didn't the Allies force the Axis into compliance? North force the South? etc. Just saying.

False. No medicine is effective if you don't take it.

Let's play "guess the states":

Failure and disaster?


NIH Bio Ethics has NOTHING to do with approving drugs.

Die then.

Her last anti-vaxx post.

And then...

RIP Rose.

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