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Shaun Collins, 41, Richmond, IN. Owner of Mack's Place Pub. Vaccine Hesitant. Died from COVID

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to social media posts, Shaun died on September 15, 2021. Shaun was the owner/operator of Mack's Place and a member of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle club. By the looks of it, Shaun was much loved in his community and has by far the most posts from friends offering condolences on his Facebook page that we've seen since starting this Sorry Anti-vaxxer site. According to many, he treated his customers and friends like family and reached out his hand whenever they were in trouble. However, he was against getting himself vaccinated and he and his community paid the price for it. I put vaccine hesitant because he only posted ONE POST about the covid vaccine. What would it have taken to convince Shaun to get vaccinated?

Well, one of his favorite musicians died of COVID in 2020:

Did that do it?

Apparently not. He's not taking the "experimental" vaccine:

Then he lost friend in early July:

Wait, what? Say it ain't so! Frank DeVito is a previous entry on He was an anti-vaxxer who died of COVID in early July. Surely that was enough to get Shaun running to Walmart to get vaccinated?

I guess not.

He doesn't understand (neither do we):

^^^ Wtf is going on? That what we want to know. Why is it this way?

^^^ Damn covid indeed.

^^^But an easy shot to take.

RIP Shaun.

Anti-vaxxers out there, this virus sucks and we can beat it. Just suck it up and get vaccinated. Hey Iron Horsemen MC club, be the first 1% MC to make vaccination mandatory for membership.

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