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Station Break: Adding a forum and catching up on stuff

Hi SAVers, The best part of this site is you. I have been consistently amazed at the quality of comments on this site - incredible humor, incredible humanity, incredible insights. There seem to be a lot of continuing discussions across posts, so I thought I‘d give a more traditional forum a try. However, I need help in determining what the various topics should be. Please post your suggestions. You can find the forum in the menu for the site.

On another note, I've gotten tons of emails about members not getting notifications of posts. Well, Wix took that feature away because of spam reports from members (obviously antivaxxers who signed up to troll and then reported spam on the notifications). I've submitted a rebuttal to WIX and am waiting for their decision.

Also, sorry for the slowdown in posts, I've been super busy and had to travel overseas again. Things should get back to normal as soon as my jet lag subsides.

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