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Tim Molnar, 59, Oregon, Ohio, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

According to this obituary, Tim died on February 19, 2022. We know from social media posts that it was COVID. Tim is a standard issue anti-vaxxer. 1) Religious 2) Goatee 3) Cancer survivor (it's this third one that is shocking to me but we're seeing it a lot on SAV). Also, if you pay attention you'll see one of the most "popular" people on SAV comment on this story.

So, Tim here was definitely an anti-vaxx cancer survivor...

.3*350,000,000 = 1,050,000 which I guess is an acceptable number to people like Tim. Still a standard SAV "low percentage" post:

Standard "You are the research" post:

Standard Rod Serling "imagine a virus so deadly" post:

Ok, here is something not so standard. He's PRAISING the people who saved his life: Doctors. He says, "We should not be dying of Cancer.” We say, "We should not be dying of COVID, either.”

Back to standard to mention "Tyranny":

Post that makes no sense...which is standard:

What? Was hydroxychlorquine ever illegal? This isn't standard!! I haven't seen this before:

Standard "he doesn't care about your vaccine status" post:

Well, Tim, NOW they know someone:

He ends up in the ICU...

And he died. SHARI SNYDER offers condolences....

Was it really COVID? Yes, it was:

And a standard fund raise:

RIP Tim.

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Apr 05, 2022



Apr 03, 2022

When your loved one is reduced to crapping out from a black, suppurating, gangrenous crater in their back, and can't breathe for shit and it's never going to get any better, it really is time to let go. But I guess insane people work in mysterious ways.


John Groton
John Groton
Apr 02, 2022

They only need another $47,000 to reach their $50,000 goal. Come on people, Tim did everything he could to discourage others from getting vaccinated. I'm sure at least a few others died as a result. Can't you dig deep and give his family some $$$$ to reward such a noble humanitarian effort? /s


It's infuriating that he went through cancer treatment and was lucky enough to get another chance at life, and he willfully refused to do everything he could to protect that life. His refusal to get the vaccine spits on the grave of people like my mother, who died of an aggressive cancer twenty years ago. She would have done anything for a second chance and you can be sure she would have taken every precaution necessary to protect that second chance. Gofundme? Gokissmyass!


Mar 31, 2022

Ignorant fuck *believing* he knows better than the experts. Fucking waste of a cancer treatment. Good riddance of another dipshit.

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