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Tim Molnar, 59, Oregon, Ohio, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

According to this obituary, Tim died on February 19, 2022. We know from social media posts that it was COVID. Tim is a standard issue anti-vaxxer. 1) Religious 2) Goatee 3) Cancer survivor (it's this third one that is shocking to me but we're seeing it a lot on SAV). Also, if you pay attention you'll see one of the most "popular" people on SAV comment on this story.

So, Tim here was definitely an anti-vaxx cancer survivor...

.3*350,000,000 = 1,050,000 which I guess is an acceptable number to people like Tim. Still a standard SAV "low percentage" post:

Standard "You are the research" post:

Standard Rod Serling "imagine a virus so deadly" post:

Ok, here is something not so standard. He's PRAISING the people who saved his life: Doctors. He says, "We should not be dying of Cancer.” We say, "We should not be dying of COVID, either.”

Back to standard to mention "Tyranny":

Post that makes no sense...which is standard:

What? Was hydroxychlorquine ever illegal? This isn't standard!! I haven't seen this before:

Standard "he doesn't care about your vaccine status" post:

Well, Tim, NOW they know someone:

He ends up in the ICU...

And he died. SHARI SNYDER offers condolences....

Was it really COVID? Yes, it was:

And a standard fund raise:

RIP Tim.

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