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Tom Salagaj, 78, Chicago, IL, retired session musician, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to social media posts, Tom died today, 12/17/21. Tom's early career was as a professional musician. According to his bio he worked with "The Memphis Symphony Orchestra, The Memphis Opera Orchestra, The Ernie Bernhardt Orchestra, The Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus Orchestra, The Shower of Stars Orchestra, The Holiday On Ice Show Orchestra, The Disney On Ice Show Band, while also working as a recording trombonist in various recording studios in Memphis and Nashville. His professional music career allowed him to work with such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Wayne Newton, Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, and Debbie Reynolds."

But later he devoted his life to the Lord and became a pastor in the Memphis area. Somehow his belief in the Lord runs parallel with his disbelief in vaccines, something I'll never understand. He was definitely an anti-vaxxer, but when he got COVID he seemed to know his days were numbered.

We'll start with Tom's posts in August to show his position on the whole pandemic...

He wasn't afraid of memes:

He wasn't afraid to express his own opinions:

He wasn't afraid to post articles from suspicious news outlets:

He wasn't afraid to disagree with his friends:

Probably the winner of the August '21 anti-vaxx memes. Seems every anti-vaxxer posted it:

He wasn't afraid to post Candace Owens:

He wasn't afraid of taking things not recommended by experts for COVID:

He wasn't afraid people would think he's an idiot because he posted the most preposterous analogies:

He seemed to agree that the vaccine is an act of mass genocide.


Did Aaron Rogers say this? I don't remember "leftists" ripping vaccines that didn't exist yet.

He doesn't seem to understand the extra protection vaccines provide.

Oh, of course he gets COVID:

Still posts that asshole Dr. Peter McCollough:

Things seem to be getting worse:

And worse:

I think he's announcing his own death, but it's hard to tell:

His brother-in-law Terry helps out:

Terry is having a great time in New York but is still praying for his sister and Tom:

Tom and sister get better:

Oh, no, wait, Tom died:

RIP Tom.

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