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Update: Dustin & Tristan Graham, 45, Alabama Pickers, "not planning on getting it."

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Update 9/16/21: Sadly, Dustin has now died and joined Tristan in the big vintage shop in the sky. I think I speak for everyone who watched one of their videos that we were all pulling for Dustin.

According to this video of her husband and YouTube partner (now deleted),Tristan has died. I wouldn't throw this couple into the same "anti-vaxxer" class as most others on this site. However, they do show how dangerous being nonchalant and "not going to get it anytime soon" can be. I think this is important for people on the other side of fence to see. Hopefully it scares some people into getting vaccinated.

Tristan and Dusty Graham were YouTube creators called the "Alabama Pickers" where they shared their exploits going shopping. They were known for their laid back style and for sharing frank and funny homespun opinions while running a business buying things and re-selling them on Ebay. I watched a few videos and they are a likable crew. I'm sad for Dusty.

In the following video they discuss a lot of health issues. At 41:00 They start talking about the v-a-c-c-i-n-e and how they won't get it and they have a passport to travel called the "Bill of Rights."

Both Dusty and Tristan both got COVID. Tristan died overnight in their bed.

UPDATE: Dusty is now on a ventilator according to his daughter's post on FaceBook:

I wish Dusty the best, and hope he uses his influence to spread the word on the dangers of COVID-19 and the importance of getting vaccinated.

Update: Dustin has died now, according to this social media post:

RIP Tristan and Dustin

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