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Vaxxylady has left the building...

First, I want to apologize for my abrupt departure. Please accept my sincere apology.

I'll start with my story of how I became associated with SAV. The founder and I have been friends for many years. We met through my husband (SEE, I'm NOT married to Vaxman!) I knew that he was creating the site, which used to go by a different name, and I was intrigued. As it morphed into SAV I became even more interested.

I became personally involved after a major breakdown with my family, who seemed to be totally unconcerned about the severity or risks of Covid-19 despite health issues that put me especially at risk. At the same time I noticed how my friend's site, SAV, was taking off, and I thought it was a fantastic way to highlight the people, like my family, who ignored the risks of Covid and were finding out the hard way...or FAFO as we say here. I agreed to help moderate the site because I wanted my friend to succeed in his mission to highlight the dangers of being unvaccinated.

Over time, my role on SAV grew and grew. At first, I was happy to take on the responsibility because I truly believed we were showing the real-life consequences of being unvaccinated. Second, we were scaring the anti-vaxxers into hiding their social media profiles and slowing the flow of misinformation...albeit only slightly.

Eventually, I came to manage most of SAV, myself. It was a tremendous responsibility to read the emails, research candidates, compile information on candidates, moderate the site, write the stories, moderate the forum, post Fan Mail, etc. I don't know that anyone understands the hours I spent each day, the pressure I felt to push new articles, the anxiety I had when I didn't have new content...but ultimately, it's not my site and the pressure was too much.

I had to start evaluating what was important to me: the site or my mental health, the site or my physical health. Ultimately, I had to make the right choice for myself and that meant that at the end of November I resigned from SAV.

I don't know what the future of the site will be, if someone will take it over, or if there will be a new writer/contributor. I can't say.

I hope that Vaxman will issue a statement on what the future of SAV may look like...but it won't be one with me. I may check in from time to time but I need to dedicate my time to my offline responsibilities, which are MANY.

I do want to thank so many of our dedicated readers for helping to create an incredible and supportive community. I appreciate you all so much. More than you could know.

So, consider this my sign off.

Many thanks and much love to you all,


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