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Vince Stott, 57, Pompano Beach, FL. Owner, Broadway Legacy Films, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this obituary Vince died from COVID on October 31, 2021. He leaves behind his wife and a daughter. Almost all of the anti-vaxx things he posted on Facebook came from from TikTok. I suppose that's because Facebook doesn't monitor them? Most of what he posted has been actually removed from TikTok, probably because it didn't meet community standards, but I captured enough to get a sense of what Vince was thinking and agreeing with. Also, even though he's in media, it's difficult to find a high quality picture of him:

Like I said above, Vince posted a ton of anti-vaxx TikToks, some of which I'll post here for you. Warning: they are all really stupid.

First, this guy is the worst. What is it with right-wingers and "emails"? They get these emails and then make claims about them knowing that no one is going to read them. In fact, this guy didn't read them either and just lies and lies that Fauci has lied.

The dumbest TikToks are the ones where people simply repeat a meme they saw on Facebook. This is dumbass sunscreen analogy. This broad is dumb.

A guy posting a video of a TV showing Tucker Carlson confused at infection rates of a mostly vaccinated population. So there are 5 levels of stupidity happening here at once.

Obviously confused a the definitions of COVID death. Like it matters.

NOTHING this Dr. Jensen guy says make bit of sense. Comparing chemo to vaccines? Did he say chemo works on your immune system, similar to vaccines? This guy has a medical license? Still?

I couldn't get through all of this. Military says you get vaxxed with an emergency use approved vaccine then you get it or you're dishonorably discharged. (They always conveniently forget to say "emergency use" by the FDA. Of course now the vaccines are approved, so this is moot:)

And Vince's last post was the dumbest: a reaction video of someone reading an anti-vaxx meme. You know the one: If you have to be coerced, etc...

RIP Vince.

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