Vincent Benevides, 37, Palm Harbor, FL, Christian Vlogger, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Vincent died from COVID. If you ask me, Vincent was mentally ill; he ranted on and on, discussing the end-times and the mark of beast. In fact, you can see all of his videos here. They are mostly 1.5 hours long of him babbling on and on about this anti-Christ stuff. He was married to this woman who I thought was his mother -- she has to be twice his age -- and she joins him in many of the videos, sort of as a cheerleader, egging him on. Anyway, meet Vincent Benevides.

Hold onto to your we go...

To really "get" Vincent you have to watch one of his videos. This is the shortest one I could find. It's the-vaccine-is-the-mark-of-the-beast stuff:

Vaccinated by the Holy Spirit:

More Mark of the Beast stuff:

He wasn't too proud to post a meme:

He got COVID:

He's in excruciating hell....

Is he saying he's a Delta Zombie?

Same old's all about the oxy numbers...

He likes this mask...much better:

He stopped updating and died two months later.

His wife kept posting after his death...Is SAV the book of life?

She's still posting in his honor...

RIP Vincent.

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