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Wayne Doyle, 62, Columbus, MS, Volunteer Firefighter, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

When I started digging into Wayne's story I thought he would be just another typical anti-vaxxer. The big shift that we've seen over the last few months has been anti-vaxxer family members fighting the hospitals over medically treating their loved ones with the so-called "Covid protocol".

Let me introduce you to 62-year-old Wayne Doyle. He owned and operated both Wayne Doyle Construction and Industrial Fire Protection.

Wayne also served for 40 years in the Lowndes County District 3 Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter, and most recently was Chief of District 3. The Lowndes County District 3 Volunteer Fire Department stated on their Facebook page: “Wayne was passionate about training and helping firefighters grow their skills. He has left a lasting impression on our department and community."

The U.S. Fire Administration is viewing his death as contracting COVID while on duty. More on that in a bit.

Link to comments.

Here are some of the anti-vax posts that Wayne shared. One of them was posted just two weeks prior to his wife asking for prayers.

Prayer warriors are activated. I wonder what's wrong with Wayne? No mention of Covid yet.

Since he had "firefighter lungs" he should have been first in line to get himself vaccinated.

On 2/2/22, Janice mentioned that they would like to get him Ivermectin. She asked her friends if anyone had a way to get the protocol reconsidered.

On 2/3/22, Janice is still dealing with Covid herself, and Wayne is waiting for an ICU bed to open.

Things are getting progressively worse for Wayne. Janice is asking her friends to claim the blood of Jesus over his sick body (not sure what that means). On 2/6/22, the medical team gives a grave update but Janice knows the maker of all numbers. Faith over Fear.



On 2/7/22, Wayne's family started sharing a post from attorney Matt Wilson. Matt was helping the family get "EYE-VER-MEK-TIN". In his Facebook post (that he later deleted), he advised that he spoke to an ICU doctor in a different hospital who had a 400-pound patient successfully removed from a ventilator after receiving Ivermectin. What are the betting odds that this really happened?

Continued from his FB post above...

The next three posts were all shared on 2/7/22. A hearing was set for 2/8 at 9am.

I can get behind Janice's advice, below. All anti-vaxxers find a doctor who will prescribe all the Ivermectin they want, but in return they won't use ANY hospital resources. 😉

2/8/22 - The judge approved a transfer so he could get his "EYE-VER-MEK-TIN".

And then, just a few short hours later...

Praise Jesus, Wayne enters paradise and earns his HCA.

That same night, the area first responders gathered to give a send-off to one of their own. 😔

The U.S. Fire Association stated: "While on-duty, Chief Wayne Doyle responded to numerous EMS calls where he was exposed to COVID-19". I don't know what Wayne's family is entitled to but according to the National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation, line-of-duty deaths may include both state and federal benefits which include things like medical and burial expenses, health and life insurance and retirement/pension plan.

UPDATE: Janice is still posting away about medical freeDUMB!

It sounds like Wayne did a lot for his community. Volunteering as a firefighter is a commendable job. I'll never understand why a 62-year-old man with "firefighter lungs" would go unvaccinated.

Thank you again for allowing HCAz to contribute to the SAV community.

Please get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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