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Wesley, Shannon, Wendy, Katelyn, Herriges 50,47,49, 25, two dead and two sick from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

This Michigan family got hit very hard by COVID. Wesley and his sister Wendy (left two in the picture) have both died, Wesley on November 8, and Wendy on October 29. Wesley's wife Shannon and their daughter Katelyn are both sick with COVID. Of the four of the them, only Shannon, a med-tech, was the outspoken anti-vaxxer. Katelyn and Wesley only posted the now classic "I don't care if you're vaccinated" and "I'm not vaccinated by choice" frames just before they all got sick. Wendy never posted anything about COVID or vaccines. This is a very sad tale of how ignoring expert scientific advise can lead to enormous consequences. Join me in wishing Shannon and Katelyn fast recoveries from COVID and offer them our condolences.

Like I said, Wendy never posted anything about COVID or vaccines. The other three had the classic frames that were originally meant to be counterpoints to the "I got vaccinated" frames that became viral in the spring of 2021.


Shannon...(somehow she mixed the "faith over fear" frame with the "Proudly unvaccinated, refuse to be part of the experiment" frame)


Shannon shared more memes, these are all in September just before they all got sick. (By the way, the recall of these contaminated Moderna vials was well orchestrated and was a good thing!)...

Shannon sold "NOT Vaccinated" t-shirts online.

And there is this meme we've seen a few times now....

Katelyn gets sick (October 17, according to her timeline)...

Covid isn't playing around, according to Katelyn...

Shannon gets sick.

Three days later Wendy dies and Wesley is in the ICU...

Katelyn doesn't understand why this is happening:

Wesley is deteriorating...

He's getting worse, and there's a gofundme...

Wesley died a few days ago...

There haven't been any recent updates on Shannon and Katelyn's health, so I think we can assume they are recovering.


RIP Wendy and Wesley.

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Jan 27, 2022

Katelynn posted this on Jan.19th... Where was he months earlier? Curious.


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 22, 2022

Even after a couple months of perspective I can't understand the "thinking?" that went into their decision process. Is "Fuck Joe Biden" really worth dying for. Own a lib and get Covid thrown in for free? I despise these types, but I wouldn't risk my own health just to tell them so. What good would it do? Does anyone think Biden or Fauci gives a rat's ass what these tools think, do or don't do. They are going to continue to do their best to help these ingrates whether they deserve it or not. You can lead a horse to water, but if it's not smart enough to drink, there's not much you can do.


Keepin’it real
Keepin’it real
Jan 15, 2022

Out of curiosity, I checked the FB of the two survivors. Both were public, so maybe that was before trolls. Anyway, it pisses me off that there is nothing promoting vaccines, nothing to acknowledge the reason for the tragedy in their family. Wow!


Dec 08, 2021

Foul-mouthed, stupid AF, and 'religious'. Anti-vaxx while her family die around her. Darwin's busy this year


Nov 25, 2021

Katelyn and her partner (?) filed bankruptcy in 2018.

Replying to

When she was 22 years old? There’s no end to the stupidity in this family.

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