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It's been great here for the most part. However, more people on here have become just as radicalized as the idiots on the right with their ridiculous conspiracy theories. There are some who I will miss but I won't be back just too much ignorance and defeatism.

I have said from the beginning of joining this site that I was a Black woman who lives in Georgia you can believe whatever you want about me. And as a Black woman I view the world a hell of a lot differently because I know for a fact there's been countless occasions where the media gets things wrong because of speculation and a rush to get a "so-called scoop". And how it can completely change a person's life for the worse in an instant. Accusations get a hell of a lot more attention than a correction on a story. I will always give a person the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.

Yet according to others I have to be some paid person because *checks notes* I honestly believe Garland will do his job with integrity the same way he's done his whole career. I wish more people would look up his career the man has never compromised an investigation. Just because he runs his investigations differently than what other people (who love the media spotlight) think doesn't mean that all of a sudden he's going to say oh well I'm not going to do my job anymore.

So people can believe whatever conspiracy bullshit they want but at the end of this investigation people are going to find out the DOJ under Garland has been doing its job since day 1. I only wish the people bashing Garland now will have the decency to admit they were wrong once his investigation is complete but I know they won't. And at this point the Garland conspiracies from media and a small percentage of people on the left because it's certainly not all are sounding an awful lot like the shit fox pulls for their viewers with the countless fake ass caravans stories that just magically never arrive all because false outrage sells and gets the most eyeballs/attention and clicks.

Some on the left are doing to Garland what the right-wingers did to Fauci all the false speculations/allegations and innuendo. I just don't understand how people don't see how out of hand and dangerous it's becoming. It's the same reason "journalists/media pundits" wants Biden/Harris gone so bad because sideshow/chaos sells and is better for ratings versus stability. Most of the major news networks are owned and run by republicans or foreign right-wingers. You're being radicalized and you don't even know it.



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