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I am a mental health clinician dedicated to support others in making informed decisions about their physical and mental health. This includes following state and federal mandates for vaccination, social distancing, masking, and other socially responsible behavior that supports the goal to end the global pandemic. I am appalled by the needless human suffering and death caused by the Antivax movement and believe that we the majority have a responsibility to challenge and correct the false narrative that has been presented by antivaxxers. Living in the information age, we are fighting an information war to defend facts and to defeat falsehood wherever it appears. This is happening in politics, religion, culture, and now in medicine with the coronavirus antivax movement. I call on all individuals with a social conscience to join me in defeating the lies, conspiracy theories, and disinformation propagating social media and the internet. We ARE the majority but we cannot be the SILENT majority. We must be the vocal majority. Together, we can make a difference and hasten the end of the coronavirus pandemic. May all be safe, strong, and strident in our effort to win the info war.

  • Do I look sick?
    Do I look sick?
  • Stuper Trooper
    Stuper Trooper
Death by rats

Death by rats

Do I look sick?
Stuper Trooper
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