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I am an activist concerned about the ongoing threat of the downfall of American democracy.

The anti-vaxxer movement is part of the plan to cement the permanent GQP minority pushing

a Christian White Supremacist controlled agenda to cement the dominance of the billionaire

class through exploitation of the masses using disinformation, misinformation, victimization,

de-education, and more.


  • I'm a thinker
    I'm a thinker
  • SAV Nice List
    SAV Nice List
    You've been a good on SAV and made Santa's nice list!
  • Do I look sick?
    Do I look sick?
  • Got it going on
    Got it going on
    Only someone like "Stacy's Mom" could watch all of Stacy's facebook live video.
  • Dead Poets Society
    Dead Poets Society
    “I sound my barbaric yawp over the antivaxxers of the world!”


I'm a thinker
SAV Nice List
Do I look sick?
Got it going on
Dead Poets Society
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