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I am a retired healthcare professional. I started my retirement more that 5 years ago, long before this covid madness began. i sometimes wonder would I continue to work in today's world where covid is ruling. A christian, I am not thank goodness! These so called christians scare me. Because of their actions and other religious ppl political beliefs i do not believe in organized religions. The things that these beings do in the name of religion is down right frightening. Besides my spirituality is a personal thing between me and this vast universe.


  • Do I look sick?
    Do I look sick?
  • Got it going on
    Got it going on
    Only someone like "Stacy's Mom" could watch all of Stacy's facebook live video.
  • Site SAVior
    Site SAVior
    Helped defeat the evil anti-vaxxer IT security guys trying to shut down SAV
  • Dead Poets Society
    Dead Poets Society
    “I sound my barbaric yawp over the antivaxxers of the world!”

Cyn C

Do I look sick?
Got it going on
Site SAVior
Dead Poets Society
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