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I am an agnostic skeptic; so therefore, an atheist. A skeptic does not accept claims without evidence, but when evidence is sufficient, 1 way or another rejects or accepts claims.

By the way, because denier has such strong conotations, deniers call themselves skeptics. If you ever see the compound-noun "noun-skeptic", the peson is a denier; so now, just replace "Skeptic" with "Denier". As an example "Climate-Change-Skeptic" is really "Climate-Change-Denier". Real skeptics are skeptical about all things —— ¡not just 1 thing! By the way, since climate definitely changes, and people are almost certainly responsible for over 90% of the change, over 90% percent of skeptics accept that climate-change occurs and that over 90% of is anthroprogenic.

Skeptics are skeptical about accines, like everything else, We looked at the evidence, and over 90% agree that vaccination is great. I honestly do not know a single skeptic opposed to vacvination.

If all would be skeptics, when any adult wanting vaccination could get in in may in the USA, all unvaccinated adults would have gotten their 1st dose in May and their 2nd does in June, so that the USA would be independent of SARS-CoV-2 by the 4th of July. If all of the world would be skeptical, the whole world would be vaccinated, and SARS-CoV 2 would no longer be endemic in humans by 2022-01-01.

WikiPedia has a list of diseases we could eliminate within a decade if the we would all just be skeptical:

It saddens me to know that the only reason that we still have Polio is because AntiVaxxer spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about the vaccine. In the year 2000, the WHO (WorldHealthOrganization) projected the erafication of Polio by 2010, but it is still around today because of the AntiVaxxers.


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    I'm a thinker
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    Do I look sick?
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    Got it going on
    Only someone like "Stacy's Mom" could watch all of Stacy's facebook live video.
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    Site SAVior
    Helped defeat the evil anti-vaxxer IT security guys trying to shut down SAV


I'm a thinker
Do I look sick?
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