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Patreon Support for SAV

If you'd like to contribute to the cause and legal defense fund to help keep this going until it's no longer needed (hopefully sooner rather than later), you can donate through Patreon (See below for use of proceeds). 

Or send bitcoin: 36TksLNq1RgV5hKcEvLWMpXirrkgoHM79e

 I'll send Patreon contributors some Sorry Anti-vaxxer merch:

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Reason I'm asking for support

10/7/21 - -Ok, so now, here come the legal challenges to Attorneys are taking peoples money to make bogus challenges to these publications. Of course they don't have a case. First of all, you can't sue for slander of a dead person, and second I'm merely reposting posts these people made  themselves, publicly on  social media.  I think they hope to intimidate me or spend me into submission. In any case, in addition to helping run the site as mentioned below, I will also use some of these donations to help defend this site from being taken down as I think it's important in the fight against ignorance and to help people change their mind about getting vaccinated against this awful virus. 


Thanks ,Get Vaccinated!


Original post: 

Dear vaccinated visitor, this site has become an overwhelming success and garnered millions of views and hopefully produced many newly vaccinated citizens.  As such, maintaining this site has become a bit of responsibility, and much more than it was originally intended to be. I've come to realize that I should some help for anti-vaxxer research, light copy editing, and comment moderation.  I'm also looking to make some video content. I think it's important to keep this site ad-free, so I'll shoot for donations first. 


I actually have a full-time job consulting medical software industry to attend to as well. My billable hours have suffered immensely because of my obsession with this stuff. So, I could use some help at least until this site isn't relevant anymore, which I think we ALL hope isn't more than 3 months. I actually can't wait for the day that I can shut this site down because of irrelevance, but for now, I really do I believe it's an important weapon in the war against ignorance and wish to continue it until ithere isn't any stupid anti-vaxxers keeping this pandemic going.

I'm using Patreon because my identity can be kept confidential as I've been threatened MANY times since starting this site.  

Thank you for your support! 







Any questions or concerns please contact me here: 

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