Fan Mail

Let's open up the mail bag and see the messages Vaxman gets from his readers. WARNING: Some of the language may not be appropriate for minors. 

Recent messages

This is just smattering of messages I get every day. 

Name: Fred Sanford



Message: Go fuck yourself you cunt. I am not on Fakebook and advise others to get off daily. Cunts like you WILL burn in hell. You are causing pain to family members who accidentally come across this bullshit. You big pussy, hiding behind your keyboard. FUCK OFF. You are a fucking loser pursuing information on Fakebook on people. I will be reporting your activities to godaddy. YOU STUPID FUCK "VACCINATED" (NOT A VACCINE) PEOPLE GET COVID AND DIE AS WELL. YOU BIG SCARED PUSSY. I HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR 4TH "BOOSTER" SHOT, YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR. My lawyers will be in touch with you. If you know what is good for you, I would suggest removing my family member's photo and all this bullshit.

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: I will find the name of your stupid ass

URL of News Story or Obituary or ICU admission: You are a sick fuck, a website based off of spiking the football about vaccination. You CUNT. GET A GRIP YOU FEAR MONGERING BITCH.

Fred Sanford

Name: Dickinyourmouth

Email: dicksalldayforyou@dickmail.dicks

Subject: Eat dicks

Message: You celebrate the death of other human beings who chose not to get a DNA changing experimental vaccine? You are a clueless sheep that follows what the mainstream media tells you to do like a mindless idiot. Liberals are the brunt of evil. They steal elections, lie lie lie, try to change genders, indoctrinate and confuse children, and destroy every single city they govern. How in the name of God do you even survive? How do you even put a bite of food in your mouth without choking like the savage retard you are? Why don't you do something useful with your time instead of rooting on the death of real human beings? Evil, disgusting piece of filth. So, eat a dick because I'm sure you chopped yours off after you dyed your hair pink and claimed communism works. What's your fucking pronoun? Fag? Passionate stupidity. You think you are smart, but you're really a fucking idiot that thinks you're right. Line up like the dumb sheep you are. Lining up for your demise like the dumbshit you are. Good riddance. Go get your BOOSTER you fucking faggot.

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: Yourchopped offdick


Matt Boster

Name: Matt Boster


Subject: Anti Vaxxer

Message: Eat shit and die you Commie faggits. Nobody wants the vaccine and you’ll never force it upon us. When the war starts you people who are fucking with our medical field and trying to dictate what we can and can not do will be the first ones shot and killed. We are Americans, WE are THE PEOPLE and we are ready to spill blood. Are you ready to die in the name of Nuremberg?

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: Fuck Your mom faggit

Jack Handy

Name: Jack Handy


Subject: Sick Fucks

Message: This site is f'd up. Just bc someone doesnt want your poisnous jab doesnt make them anti vax, it means anti this vax, which isn't a vax. They didnt get the measles vaccine so you wouldnt get a severe case of measels, its so you wouldnt get measles. Your sick fing people who should get some mental help. F off

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: GFYO


Name: Nigger


Subject: I hope you get covid and die from it because you're vaxxed too

Message: Kys

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: Nigger

URL proof of anti-vaxxer stance (twitter, Facebook, etc.):

URL of News Story or Obituary or ICU admission:

Joe B

Name: Joe B


Subject: Family member is antivaxxer

Message: Your mom died sucking the vax outta my peen you sick fuck. Get a life and stop beating off to dead people you purple haired tutrleneck wearing goofball. Holy fuck what is wrong with you. I hope you get sued to the point where you have to eat your own shit and piss.

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: YOUR MOM

Your a bitch

Name: Your a bitch


Subject: Government owns you and controls you

Message: Your nothing more than a dirty liberal you should be put in jail go get a life . The vaccine doesn’t work get it through your head you dumb fuck go jump off a bridge maybe Biden will give you the Purple Heart in fact he might give u another vaccine that don’t work. Again it’s the the people jts the control the government has over other people and then looser assholes like you who do this idiot shit. Give me a address and I’ll come beat the shit outa you stop hiding behind a screen you poor poor dumb liberal

Name: USA Citizen


Subject: Colin Powel - Fully Vaccinated and Fully Dead

Message: Another fully vaccinated person that died of covid. Many more that the media downplays. Now take your vaccine and your mask and go fuck yourselves with them! You cheer the death of Americans so I cheer for your death now get on with it and get that 6 month booster "clot" shot and start taking your twice daily pills you stupid fucklings!

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: Colin Powel

USA Citizen

Name: Fuck

Email: yourself@gmail.cong

Subject: Fuck you

Message: Did you know that the Covid vaccine doesn’t 100% prevent you from catching Covid? It also doesn’t 100% prevent you from spreading it to a loved one. So I hope you still get tested whenever you go to events or gather in large crowds because you can also indeed spread Covid to a vulnerable person/loved one and kill them so please keep that in mind and I encourage you to go actually do some research rather than copy and pasting your information from or yahoo or fox. Please get tested!!! please be safe!! You can still catch and spread Covid. Oh and fuck you for making a website to help bash people that have passed away. Vaccinated or not you can catch, spread, and die from Covid. Stay safe! But fuck you

Name of Anti-Vaxxer: Go fuck yoursekf

URL of News Story or Obituary or ICU admission: Fuck you

URL proof of anti-vaxxer stance (twitter, Facebook, etc.): Fuck you