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Evelyn Warren, 63, Lenore, WV, Operated WVKM Radio Station, anti-vaxxer, died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to the obituary on this page, Evelyn died of a "brief illness" on September 9, 2021. We know it was COVID. COVID was Evelyn's favorite subject on Facebook.

Let's find out what Evelyn thought of the vaccine shall we:


Population control...

A friend?

Who produces this crap? Uh?

She's proud she's not vaxxed:

Foreboding post:

Story by the Epoch Times...

Fauci created the pandemic..

Stinking Rand Paul...

So wait, it wasn't Fauci? It was the Chinese?

What the....????

Evelyn is all over the map on COVID...

Fauci shut down a physicist who was studying Hydroxychloroquine? Like physicists are the go to on that.

All right, suffice it say that Evelyn wasn't going to take the vaccine. So whatever happened to Evelyn?

I hope someone is taking care of her basset hound. I had a basset hound once, and no way could she survive on her own.

RIP Evelyn.

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