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Abby Fekete, 33, Simcoe, ON, Mother of Four, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

It’s HCAman again. Thanks for inviting us back. This is a story that I never want to write, as four innocent children are left in the aftermath. Four children are now motherless, and two of them will never know or even remember their mother.

Abby (Abii on Facebook) Fekete was a mother of a 6-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son, and pregnant with twins. I understand that many pregnant women are reluctant to take anything that could potentially harm their baby. According to the CDC, as of January 1, just over 40% of pregnant people in the US between ages 18 - 49 were fully vaccinated prior to or during their pregnancy, compared with 66% of the general population. At this point, we're two years into this pandemic with over 10.2 billion shots administered worldwide; there is no longer an excuse to be unvaccinated.

Abby didn’t publicly share concerns about the vaccine for pregnant women, she started with "It’s a 'plandemic'” and then moved on to typical antivaxxer rhetoric.

This is a long one, so you can link to comments here.

Let's see what Abby shared.

Some babbling by Tucker, who according to reports is required by Fox to be vaccinated. 😛

Masks give you lung cancer? 😳

I wonder if the people who create these stories/memes realize the number of people who believed them, shared them and then died from COVID.

At HCA, we call her the Angel of Death. It's never a good sign when she makes an appearance. I won't even touch on her becoming our next president. 😱

This is not so funny now...

I'll start Abby's covid story here. I'm gonna assume that she's more than just genuinely curious.

She's 35 weeks pregnant, just had an emergency c-section and is now fighting COVID. Thankfully, the twins are healthy.

She's having small improvements and Jesus is working and moving through her. She can feel him. 🙌

Her oxygen setting has lowered but she's not out of the woods just yet. We call this one the COVID cat bounce.

A miracle is needed. 😔

Her oxygen needs are going up and down.

As we say at HCA, GoFundMe is now activated.

Her husband and mom will now take over with updates. This doesn't sound good. She's now on a ventilator.

And the update that none of us want to ever hear. Sadly, Abby earns her Herman Cain Award (HCA).

Please get vaccinated. Get your booster. If you're pregnant and worried, talk to your doctor. Don't let misinformation, talking pundits or social media guide your health decisions.

If you're on FB, you can find us at "Herman Cain Awardz".

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Noticed that Abby's obituary fails to mention she died from COVID 19. Additionally, they left out that she was passionate about All-you-can-eat buffets.


I think the people of Niagara should ask her family to pay back the tax dollars she wasted at the hospital. No wonder healthcare workers are so fed up with these people.


Sativa Rose
Sativa Rose
Feb 25, 2022

Wrong. But oh well. empathy has limits. We’re just SICK OF IDIOTS HEAPING MORE WORK ON US & SORROW. I am an ER RN sick & tired of arrogant fools running off the antivaxxer cliff and CRYING FOR HELP. DARWIN AWARDS 2.0.

Dorchester borcester
Dorchester borcester
Feb 25, 2022
Replying to

Those of us with brain cells are highly appreciative of what you do for everyone. Thank you.


Feb 24, 2022


Unfortunate for the kids. They can't help that their parent is stupid. Hopefully the kids learn from her mistakes. No tears shed 🤣🤣

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