Adam Fry, 38, Butler, PA, Transit Worker, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID. Sister says "Get Vaccinated"

According to this story and video Adam died from COVID on September 27, 2021. Many are wondering why Adam wasn't vaccinated. Well, a little investigation tells us why. We'll only post those anti-vaxx posts from August and September. While his sister says everyone should get vaccinated she also said that the Butler County Transit authority didn't take it seriously enough to make sure the drivers were safe enough. Let's see what the issue is:

Be sure and see this story first :

Put on your N95 masks, here comes the anti-vaxx onslaught:

So now we know why Adam Fry wasn't vaccinated, and it wasn't because the Butler County Transit Authority didn't take it seriously enough (although a mandate would've been nice and saved Adam's life).

RIP Adam.

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