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Amanda Fowler, 39, Douglas, GA. EMS nurse, religious LGBT anti-vaxx and died from COVID

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE (10/8/21): I'm proud to say that the sorryantivaxxer community helped raise Amanda's Wife's (and 5 children) Gofundme (see my ask below) from being stuck at $700 to now being $3700. That's one good thing we can be proud of, besides the fact that countless people have gotten vaccinated because of this "sorry" site.

According to this obituary, Amanda died on August 29, 2021.She leaves behind her wife and 5 children. Another sad tragedy. Amanda is beyond the stereotype of entries here. Both gay and deeply christian. Fragile yet tough as nails.

She thought it was a "myth". A victim of bias and misinformation like most anti-vaxxers we've seen.

That post made me cry.

Deeper investigation revealed that Amanda was the breadwinner in this large family. She worked two jobs and went to school for nursing. She was about to graduate when she got sick. Her wife Heather is on disability from a bout with Cancer .

Below is a link to gofundme for anyone who wishes to help her 6 member family (her wife never posted anything about covid or politics):

Call me a bleeding heart all you want, but if we can help this family of 6, it'd make this site worth doing after all.

RIP Amanda and bless her family.


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