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Amanda Ogg, Ft. Worth, TX. Photographer. Husband hospitalized after Covid infection.

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

This post is about mommy of 3 and professional photographer, Amanda. She posted up a storm about her husband James, who was recently hospitalized after testing positive for Covid.

This is a LONG one. Jump to the comments

We don't have to say much because Amanda's Facebook posts do a good job of telling their story.

June 23rd: Everyone is "baffled" as to what is going on with James after he was sent to the ER then admitted to the ICU. He was in a medically induced coma and the only thing they know is that "he did test positive for Covid." She prays that the "protocols that are chosen to happen to be God-given and directed."

June 24th: James is intubated and has pulled his tube out twice. She asks people to pray that the doctor "has an open mind and heart. That he is willing to listen to our very serious concerns and that he is willing to do something with them other than throw them away. I'm so scared that everything we say will be shot down like it is nothing."

June 25th: She's asking for more prayers. There's gunk in his lungs and his night nurse is "difficult."

June 26th: Another rough night. He's still in the danger zone.

June 28th: She's not allowed to stay in his room 24/7 and is disappointed. She hopes his Covid isolation will be over soon.

July 1st: James is starting to come off medications and it's not going great. She wants people to pray that his doctors and nurses are given extra doses of wisdom and that they "be creative and open to anything it takes to get him off the vent and his meds, even if it doesn't look conventional."

July 2nd: James has been panicking and fighting his breathing tube.

July 3rd: She had to watch James "through a freaking window" and she really hates this.

July 5th: James has a new doctor who is calm and feisty. Amanda is praying for a miracle for James to breathe on his own so he doesn't have to get the tracheotomy.

July 6th: It sounds like things haven't been going smoothly with the new doctor. She says, "Please pray for my stamina...if I gotta go another couple of rounds with these drs and nurses, I'm either gonna need more coffee or more sleep...more than likely, BOTH. We had a great report from the doctor to start the day off and now we are just tip toeing on eggshells again."

July 7th: She shared this post of Beth Dutton adding "...and make sure the drs and nurses don't neglect my husband in the ICU." (Side note, Yellowstone Season 5 is coming in November 2022! HAPPY DANCE!!)

James needs a tracheotomy but he was able to spend 5 hours on minimal support mode on the ventilator. He is still panicking when he wakes up because he doesn't know where he is and can't fully breathe.

July 8th:

James received his tracheotomy. In the comments Amanda says that "he is doing so well!!!"

July 16th: James is on the move! He was able to use the restroom unassisted, brush his teeth, wash his face, and take a shower. One thing Amanda does, that we don't always see, is show her gratitude for the staff who take care of James. She seems genuinely thankful for them, as she should be.

July 19th: A positive update on James:

Then, he went home!

That was Amanda's story on James and his health battle. After nearly a month in the hospital that chapter of their story has ended and a new one begins.

So, why is Amanda on SAV? Is Amanda a Covid anti-vaxxer? She certainly shared a lot of posts about vaccines so you can be the judge.

She shares the first post about people refusing the vaccine and that word refuse is a manipulative term loaded with unfair moral pressure. This is followed a couple posts about getting covid after the vaccine.

While a vaccinated individual MAY still get Covid, their chances of dying, being hospitalized, or on a ventilator, like James did, are drastically reduced. According to the CDC "During October–November, unvaccinated persons had 13.9 and 53.2 times the risks for infection and COVID-19–associated death, respectively, compared with fully vaccinated persons who received booster doses."

In the first post of this batch she says the message from the CA Dept. of Health is "a emotionally manipulative piece of sh*it." She also shared the story of 56 year old Dr. Gregory Michael's death. He died of a stroke 16 days after receiving the vaccine. However, there has been no conclusive proof that his stroke was caused by the vaccine.

Should we see some more? Why not!?!

Amanda's friend Kasandra questions why the frontline workers are getting the vaccine first because it might kill them all leaving nobody to take care of the sick and elderly. Then she adds that she's not getting the vaccine, regardless.

BUT WAIT! There's more!! (In my most awesome, infomercial voice)

In December 2020 she says ""THANK GOD" that the troops won't be required to take the vaccine. That changed and the Covid vaccine is now required for ALL service members. Then she says that the VA's plan for the Covid distribution "seems like a recipe for disaster." Finally, an article about ONE health care worker with a history of allergies was hospitalized after an allergic reaction to the vaccine and she says, "This is why they couldn't have the ENTIRE Healthcare industry workers die in one swoop...omg." Her words, not mine.

BTW, speaking of vaccines and the military, here are some of the vaccines required for members of the US military: Adenovirus, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Influenza, Measles, mumps, rubella, Meningococcal, Poliovirus, Tetanus-Diphtheria, Varicella

Other vaccines administered depending on risk and occupation: Anthrax, Haemophilus influenzae type B, Japanese encephalitis, Pneumococcal, Rabies, Smallpox, Typhoid fever, Yellow fever.

Amanda often promotes her photography sessions for maternity photoshoots, newborns, breastfeeding mothers with their babies, and families with young children. Her clients are a vulnerable population. I wonder if her clients and potential clients have seen her Covid-related posts?

The CDC said that 97% of hospitalized mothers-to-be infected with the coronavirus are unvaccinated. Additionally, evidence suggests that women who are infected with Covid while pregnant are more at risk for premature birth or stillbirths. If that still isn't convincing, here are a few, of many, stories of UNVACCINATED, pregnant women who weren't so fortunate:

Still, Amanda says, "Uhhh yea that’s a no from me, thanks."

We've seen this shared many times:

She REALLY hopes that she's wrong about this:

Oh FFS, seriously? This one is so effing stupid. "Sex offenders don't carry a card because it violates their privacy?" Look up the sex offender map. Their name, picture, home address, place of employment, record of convictions are all VERY PUBLIC. information. They are forbidden to live in proximity to certain places like schools, daycares, etc. They may not carry a card but hardly anything about their life is private. This comparison is absolutely idiotic.

She shared posts from Candeath Owens:

Using pictures of the Holocaust to try and make a point or comparison about Covid/mandates is disgusting.

Speaking of Nazis, there's this post comparing Facebook's "fact checking" to the Nazis controlling information.

They moved back home to Texas where it's 100% open and there is no statewide mask mandate.

And finally, because I went to the trouble to get all these for her post, I'm doing a big dump of posts that Amanda shared:

Please, Amanda and James, get vaccinated.

A final note: A notice to any new SAV members and a reminder to all: Pictures of minors are not allowed and will be deleted. Minors, as always, are off limits. Yes, she is a professional photographer and uses pictures of her family for her business. That doesn't matter. We try not to have a lot of rules but this one has never changed. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies
Sep 26, 2022

Amanda UGGH, i’m sorry I had to see that picture of her pregnant. you.


Sep 09, 2022


Aug 30, 2022

Prayer People, since prayers work so well, please get out of the hospital and free up the resources for those who believe in medicine instead of wizards who live in the sky.


Aug 29, 2022

Form to send her "requsts"


Aug 29, 2022

Those poor kids. They have little chance of being anything more than complete morons like their profoundly stupid mother.

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