Andre' Jacque, Wisc. State Senator, railed against vaccine mandates. Update: Released

Update 9/23/21: Andre' Jacque the unvaccinated Wisconsin State Senator who has been hospitalized for more than month battling COVID, has been released from the hospital. He's at a care facility now with months of healing and rehab ahead of him. And more importantly he's redeeming himself somewhat as his wife released this statement:

"While vaccination is a personal choice, I ask that those individuals who are eligible and able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine please consider placing their trust in the medical professionals who recommend it,"

As if trusting a medical professional is something out of the ordinary for these people. What the ... ok, well, it's a step in the right direction anyway.

Get well, Andre'!

Old Story:

According to this story Andre' Jacque, a Wisconsin State senator, has been hospitalized with COVID.

Jacque has adamantly opposed vaccine mandates and authored legislation prohibiting government officials or business owners from requiring proof of vaccination, and he also opposed the statewide mask mandate.

Amazing that so many of these GOP politicians are against vaccines when they clearly fall into the high risk category for severe COVID (i.e. old, overweight, or both).

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