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April Sasser, 41, La Porte, TX, unvaxxed, dead from COVID.

According to this obituary, April died on February 4, 2022. She died from COVID. April was against vaccination for herself and her boys. Her husband, Luke, was vaccinated -- I assume for a job -- but then again he was on disability for a back injury, so I'm not sure why Luke was vaccinated. April claims that her doctor told her not to get vaccinated because of her own health issues and thyroid. If that's true, her doctor should be sued. She was pushing 300 lbs and a walking "comorbidity", ripe for severe illness when she got COVID. This family is not insured. Like I said, Luke is on disability, and April had some spinal issues that caused her to take a leave of absence. When that ran out and she lost her job and her insurance, and she was fighting for disability so she could get medicare. How anti-vaxx was April? Well, she was definitely against it, and had a few rants about mandates and people's attitudes toward the unvaxxed. She did explain her "situation" about her doctor's recommendations and her health reasons a few times. Other than that, I'm not willing to put her in the SAV category of "anti-vaxxer". 90% of her posts are about her son's rock band "Blurred In10tions" which came in 2nd in a 16 band battle of bands in her area. So why am I posting this? For anti-vaxxers to see. First, both April and Luke got COVID: the vaxxed one lived, and the unvaxxed one didn't. Second, everyone should see Luke's heartfelt video updates on April. Luke is the opposite of these "Karens" we've had on SAV lately, who bitch about hospital staff. Watch all of Luke's videos posted here and earn a badge. Luke has nothing but love for his wife AND the doctors and nurses who cared for her. Because this is a long post here is a link to the bottom.

Before we get to Luke, let's see what April was thinking:

The only meme she posted:

This is her position statement:

Some of the conversations she had with friends after that post:

Ej knows what's up, but she "medically can't"?

This was a bit foreboding in hindsight:

Only unvaxxed people seem to go the "I respect your decision" route: I certainly don't respect an unvaccinated person's decision at all.

A bit of a rant after someone like me didn't respect her decision. Another trait of unvaxxed people: asking for compassion.

She believes in science when it seems to conform to her ideals:

Yep...that's what I'm thinking!

I'm not sure how this Malone ass-wipe can make her feel "hopeful"...

Her sons get COVID:

"Luke is vaxxed".

And so it begins:

Her last words to her four boys:

Now, April's husband, Luke, takes over the communication:

But it gets worse:

Luke decides to do video updates instead (he gives 25 updates, I'm only going to post a few. The rest are basically just giving the ventilator percentages and oxygen numbers (post in the comments when you've watched them all and earn yourself a bright shiny new badge) :

First video update:

Like all of the people who have passed away from this disease, she has a period of improvement:

She was hallucinating apparently and thought the staff was beating her. In one of the video updates he figures this out by talking to a friend whose spouse went through the same thing on the meds.

They need an ECMO machine to be delivered (she's too sick to travel), but eight hospitals have turned them down since they need it themselves. This is tough to watch:

Luke appreciates the doctors and nurses who are not only caring for April but praying for her. It's nice to see this instead of those crazy Karens we've had, who think they know more than the doctors:

She died:

This is a few hours after she died as he has to compose himself before this update:

She seemed to just know. She posted this BEFORE anyone got COVID. Good for her for not wanting pictures of herself with wings. She wants an 80s party wake:

Luke gives her an 80s party, just as she requested :

A lot of bands played:

RIP April.

Just get vaccinated!!!

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“Life is short, and tomorrow is never promised” – April Sasser

Yeah, life is short when you are 300 pounds, and you don’t get vaccinated during a global pandemic. April's legacy was that she was fat and stupid.


28 de fev. de 2022

Covid-19 is a cruel and sadistic disease. It seems that most people who wind up in an ICU begin to improve, then after starting to improve, they bounce backwards again! It's like the virus is saying, "I'll start to go easy on you now." Then when you're beginning to feel hopeful, it says, "April fool!" and pulls you back down again. People should be made aware of that aspect so they'll be better prepared for having their hopes of recovery shattered.


24 de fev. de 2022

Spinal issues and she was three hundred pounds. Rather than lose the weight and relieve the stress on her spine, so she could work to support her four children, she was trying to get disability at 41. Self-destructive is the word that comes to mind.


22 de fev. de 2022

April should have listened to this person!!!!


Patrick Klippen
Patrick Klippen
20 de fev. de 2022

She could have just gotten a little boo boo on her arm and would be at home now with her kids and husband instead of by herself 6 feet under

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