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Billy Steven Crider, 53, Waco, TX, Self Defense Teacher, Anti-vaxxer.

No, this is not Billy, but I feel this meme is relevant for this next SAV story. There is a high level of religious mumbo jumbo involved. And of course, politics.

This is Billy.

Billy teaches self-defense, against black racks with pointy things.

We shall be finding out if Billy lives up to this quote.

When Billy is not busy teaching you how to protect yourself from black racks with pointy things, he dons on his lab coat and moonlights as an epidemiologist on Facebook.

He doesn't want the vaccines to be mandated.

He has delusions of grandeur.

He did his research at the University of Redneck Proud and Dixie Forever, and reached a conclusion. Facebook deemed it false.

He also moonlights as a historian.

He wants kids semi-illiterate rather than fall for the Liberal agenda. Whatever that is.

He must have been pleased when he came across this. Research validated.

This was very nice of him. Not that prayers make a difference. But it's the thought that counts.

More from epidemiologist Steve.

Lots more.

Ben Shapiro projecting, again.

We take a quick anti-vax break, for some irony.

When Steve is not a self defense teacher, epidemiologist or historian, he is a prophet. He doesn't just talk to God, like us plebeians, God actually talks back to him.

Steve believes he is the Herald for the "End Times."

He can see the future. Not the exact dates obviously, that's not how it works.

Steve has a premonition.

Steve warns us one last time.

The "End times" is coming. This shouldn't matter anymore, Steve.

It looks like Steve's journey premonition might be coming true.

Steve doesn't want to go on that journey without a fight. But he is prepared to go, if it comes down to it.

Kids, avoid being a self-defense teacher, epidemiologist, historian or Prophet. I don't think you make much money from it.

Anyway, Steve's decapitated body was dumped in Jerusalem for three days. He's probably walking the streets of gold as we speak.

The End.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook page at Herman Cain Awardz.

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May 10, 2023

I just can't even with this ilk.


There once was a man named Billy,

Whose medical judgment was silly,

For Trump - just a slave,

Who’s now deep in his grave,

Wishing he’d followed Slick Willie!


May 01, 2023

Just how the red party likes them, broke, uneducated and misinformed. Just how I like them, finding out.


May 01, 2023


More Texas trash taking itself out. Wonder how he didn’t see thus while wearing his prophet hat. 😂😂😂

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