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Blake Mevis, 73, Nashville, TN, Country Music Producer, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

According to this article, Blake died from COVID on February 10, 2022. Blake was a Country Music songwriter and producer who has produced some of the biggest stars in Country Music. He also has a number of top 10 singles he co-wrote, including George Strait's number 1 hit "Fool Hearted Memory", which is basically what Blake has become. Blake was an extreme anti-vaxxer; almost all of his posts were right-wing political posts, and probably half of those were anti-vaxx in the past few months.

Why is Blake on SAV? Let's see...

He's so so funny. Ha. Ha.

Checks the Ivermectin box (literally and figuratively):

Checks the anti-mandate box:

Checks the "natural immunity" box:

You'd think the vaccine would be used for capital punishment:

Definitely not for your future:

Checks the Communism box:

Checks the anti-Fauci box:

How mild were those symptoms, Blake?

Science stopped this, not...dumbasses.

One day after posting those last two anti-vaxx posts...

7 days later:

RIP Blake.

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