Bob Enyart, 62, Another Conservative Radio Host, anti-vaxx. "Another one bites the dust" with COVID.

According to tons of stories, just google Bob Enyart, he's dead. He used to mock dead AIDS victims by reading their names along with "Another one bites the dust". Sort of like this site, but there wasn't a vaccine to save those people. Bob and his wife didn't get vaccinated. You'll see why below.

Just visit this guys Wikipedia Page to learn some of what he is about. The most relevant part to his death:

Bob Enyart and his wife have refused to take the Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer COVID vaccines because, they were tested on cell lines from aborted fetuses. Both Enyart and his wife developed COVID[14], and Bob Enyart subsequently died from the disease on approximately September 13, 2021.[15]

You can listen to one of the relevant podcasts yourself.

Bob internviews Dr. Clem Persaud

The claims:

1) Babies are being killed to do vaccine research. This is wrong. The stems cell lines come from fetuses from the 1970s and are thousands of generations removed. See:

2).mRNA could change our genome. This is false. See:

3). Quantum Dots being used to "mark and trace peoples vaccine history" this is false currently although possible in the future.

Anyway, Bob is dead from COVID because he didn't get vaccinated.

RIP Bob.

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