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Brad Adderhold, 40, Piedmont, AL, anti-vaxxer, in ICU for 8 months.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

It's possible that Brad has set the record for amount of time hospitalized because of COVID. Our standards and records people are double checking this claim. He entered the hospital on August 1st and went through everything - the ventilator, the ECMO, two lung collapses, and a heart infection. The good news is that at least his wife Erin came around on the vaccine. It's not known what Brad is thinking. Someone sent me these screenshots as Erin has scrubbed their Facebook pages; however, I think these were copied from our friends at the HCAz.

Here is a local TV news story about Brad getting to go home, from March 1:

Except that he didn't get to stay home. A week later he was back in the hospital:

and this is the last post before she scrubbed her FB:

We aren't sure of his current status as the posting has stopped.

How did Brad get into this situation?

Well, it seems he didn't take COVID very seriously:

How many times have we seen this?


He loves a good anti-vaxx meme:

And then in late July 2021, Erin went to a super-spreader event (with the Deltas and the Omicrons);

And the whole family got COVID, including her grandmother:

And her grandmother died from COVID:

I'm not going to post all of the dead cat bounces and setbacks, but it was basically another Dead Cat Bouncy Castle (DCBC). He went on and off the ventilator, on and off the ECMO, and every time they thought he was doing better there was another setback.

Like these hopeful moments:

The most important thing is that Erin finally came around on vaccines and masks. First she got mad at the school board meetings with people yelling about masks:

Then she bravely got a flu shot:

And finally she broke down and got the COVID jab:


That's a positive!!

Get better Brad!!!

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28 במאי 2022

wife: "it's a mental thing"

I agree 100% and I hope all of you morons die.


06 באפר׳ 2022

Deadpool here... Get your Deadpool here....


How is this guy's rehab going? Does anybody know?


04 באפר׳ 2022

Pre pandemic, ICU stay billed @ $10K a day + care, machines, drugs, etc. Pre pandemic Average ICU stay length < 2 weeks. According to ICU HCW. Can anyone verify?

05 באפר׳ 2022
בתשובה לפוסט של

Retired RN here, not an expert in this field. I would think Covid patients are more costly, all of the PPE's, and due to so many different machines involved (IV's, Tube feedings, ventilator, oxygen, ECMO, suction, dialysis) and tubing & equipment not to mention medications because every bodily system they own is haywire. I do know that people aren't in the ICU for extremely long periods of time usually. Car wreck. Few touch & go days. Better. Stable. ICU after heart surgery, few days. Diabetic crisis, manageable. Any number of things are treatable, patient stabilized, on to different area of the hospital. Other major things such as massive head injury, few days to ensure grim outlook, may be eligible t…


Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies
03 באפר׳ 2022

Do you think Brad looks a little like Chaz Bono

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