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Brandi Lyn Heidemann, 42, Houston, TX, Spray Tanner, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE (10/15/21): I'm sorry to have to report that Brandi Lyn has passed away. See Below.

UPDATE (10/3/21): Brandi is in an induced coma and on a ventilator. It's not looking great, but some have pulled through after weeks of this. Click here to jump to the update

Original Post (9/23/21):

This is Brandi Lyn from Houston. She's an anti-vaxxer, or at least was. She's currently battling a COVID infection. Not sure how she's doing since it's been a few days since her mother posted an update, but let's encourage her to become a Pro-Vaxxer spokeswoman and join the fight to defeat this God Damn Virus!

I can hear you now: "So, Vaxman, you say Brandi Lyn is an Anti-vaxxer. Prove it!" Ok, you asked for it.

Ouch. Yeah, you need more evidence, don't you?

Alright, maybe she was just sharing some info in the last post. How about this?

Ohhhhhhhh...surely you're convinced that Brandi Lyn is one top notch anti-vaxxer?

I could post more. But this is why we're featuring her right now:

On September 6 she posted this about "her energy":

Now, Facebook won't embed videos on my browser. But here is the video she linked:

What's with this? Some kind of death wish? WTF?

So here are her choices according this this chest-pounding death wish guy:

X 1) If I don't catch it --> He cover me.

2) If I do catch it --> He gonna keep me.

3) If I die from it --> I'm with him.

Where is the 4th choice?

4) If I get vaccinated --> I'll be with him much later.

One week later:

OK. So place your bets. Is it gonna be:

2) "He gonna keep me"


3) "I'm with him" your bets. We'll keep score. But do me favor... don't insult Brandi Lyn directly. Talk to her. Try to convince her to be on our side. Try to convince her to become a Pro-Vaxx Warrior. Any direct insults will be deleted. We can convert this one.


------------------------ UPDATES-------------------------

Reports are coming in that Brandi Lyn isn't doing so well.

I looked up Pete; he had COVID pretty bad and was on a ventilator for a month. Sure enough, he pulled through. Natalie must have some strong prayer mojo. Good call, pulling her in for some help.

Come on, Brandi Lyn! Get better.

UPDATE (10/15/21): Brandi Lyn Heidemann has passed away. Sending condolences to her family and friends. GET VACCINATED!

RIP Brandi Lyn.

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