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Brandi White, 35, Huber Heights, OH, ER Dispatcher, unvaccinated, died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Brandi died on September 21, 2021. She did post one hint that she might be anti-vaxx. She was at least for "medical freedom." However, her husband, Matthew White, certainly did post anti-vaxx memes and proved he's an anti-vaxxer, which could explain Brandi's hesitancy.

Brandi posted this:

Which was the only hint she might be an anti-vaxxer.

Let's find out what Matthew was up to:

Uh oh...he's into the depopulation memes...

He's also Standing for Medical Freedom:

I think this is supposed to be funny:

It's about freedumb:

Come sign the petition...

Matthew signed it:

This meme is too complicated, I think:

We've learned how smart nurses are lately:

Brandi gets sick after her family does;


And 3 weeks later she's gone;

RIP Brandi.

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