Bruce Gjovig, 70, Grand Forks, ND, Author, Anti-vaxxer. ICU in coma and on ventilator with COVID.

Updated: Nov 19

According to this article Bruce is on a ventilator in an induced coma with COVID. According to the article, Bruce is considered a conservative politics "powerbroker" in Grand Forks. He was the head of the University of North Dakota Innovation Center. He has been an Air Force-appointed community liaison with the local Air Force base since 2016 (no idea what that means). Bruce wrote a lot about COVID, vaccines, and mandates on his Facebook page. He's definitely an anti-vaxxer as you'll see.

Oddly enough, back in January 2021, he credited Trump with the vaccine. Even listed it as #1:

And then he tries to claim the Trumpers aren't the vaccine holdouts. We know this is false.

Here come the anti-mandate rants:

He likes to claim it's actually the left that doesn't listen to science (he's a bizarro conservative):

We now know that in hindsight Florida DID break all of their previous COVID records in August.

More ranting...

I think he's trying to communicate some contradictions... it's hard to tell:

I wonder if he'd like to revise his last statement here?

What he is missing here is that MOST of those deaths are concentrated in the unvaccinated group. So his odds were (obviously) much worse.

He's good for a meme or two:

Of course he's anti-Fauci...

Vitamins and minerals over vaccines I suppose?

He loves conservative cartoons:

More Fauci disrespect:

Again, the bizarro world Conservative says the left is killing science:

Is this funny to right-wing conservatives? Do they laugh?

More BS about science. All anyone wants people to do is use science to check science... which is what science is. Lay people questioning science is dumb.

Another conservative that doesn't understand VAERS limitations and its purpose.

GRRRRRRR... what all this antivaxx stuff is really all about?

This was posted on November 4;

Now he's in the ICU in bad shape. I'll wish him well...

Get Better and push vaxx.

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