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Brye Carminati Goolsby, 45, Bowie, TX. Registered Nurse, anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to social media posts (below), Brye has died from COVID. There's no doubt she was an anti-vaxxer, as you'll see. She was a nurse at Trusted ER Hurst, which bills itself as a concierge medical clinic (seems like a "health and wellness" thing). Interestingly, she and her husband had recently started a business selling air filters which supposedly filter the COVID virus from the air.

Here is info she posted about the company she and her husband started:

But was Brye an anti-vaxxer? We'll only post her anti-vaxx posts from September '21.

Claims that the vaccinated are 27 more times likely to get severe COVID. Right. Look at that dude, he looks like a mastermind criminal from a cheesy action movie!

No. Just no.

I keep seeing this Dr. Bryan Ardis in all these anti-vaxxer circles. All of these people should be sent to him.

These are her own words:

She's right, KNOWLEDGE is a wonderful thing. She could've used some.

^^^ part of that thread ....

Somebody played Russian Roulette alright...

More being posted by desperate anti-vaxxers everyday:

And after all that fussing about vaccines...

The husband's updates read from the bottom up...

She didn't pull through...

RIP Brye.

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