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Carla (62) and Brandon Clint (62) Smith, Hogansville, GA, Died from COVID

Meet Carla “Houdini" Smith (62) and Brandon "Clint” Smith (62) of Hogansville, GA. Clint was an automotive mechanic, and Carla was a historian, photographer and artist. Carla researched and wrote local history books called Perspectives.

During the summer of 2021, Carla and Clint came down with a bad case of COVID and were prescribed horse dewormer, Ivermectin. Jump to comments.

Clint didn't seem to use FB often, but Carla "Houdini" left us a few clues.

Carla's friend nancy thought this one was funny. I took a stroll down her FB feed.

This is Nancy, and she seems to be dealing with long COVID.

This is just fucking weird.

Carla shared this on 7/27/21, and......

Four days later.....

Here comes that one friend touting horse dewormer. Carla's doctor was already on top of it and prescribed it for her.

Ellie is one of Carla's smart friends. I wonder why Bren never responded to this one?

Sadly, both Carla and Clint passed away, just two days within each other. They were only 62 years old.

You can always find more anti-vax stories on Facebook at Herman Cain Awardzz.

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