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Carol Ann Young, 69, Greenville, IL, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Carol Ann Mosar Young and her husband Richard Young were both anti-vaxxers. Carol was well educated and holds a master's degree in elementary education. Before retiring, Carol was a public school teacher for 34 years. Carol was enjoying the retired life and was very active in yoga, a member of the Golden Girls walking club and spent hours planting flowers outside her home.

Unfortunately, Carol and Richard believed the Covid numbers were inflated and HCQ was the answer. No vaccine for them.

This was one of her last posts before going dark. A couple of her friends tried setting her straight while some other friends played Facebook doctors.

Richard and Carol both contracted Covid and were taking elderberry cough syrup. Some more FB doctors chime in and one friend advised Richard to get Ivermectin. Richard's already on it.

Here’s the "poop" on the treatment he got.

He’s very long-winded and babbling about contact tracing.

He has the audacity to tell his friends to find "reliable sources".

They're now loading up on zinc.

More rambling on about the horse paste.

He's doubling down on his stance.

Uh oh, Carol is going to the hospital.

She needs prayers and a miracle.

Carol passed away on 10/19/21 and earned her Herman Cain Award.

Carol's friend Sherri sets the record straight. 🤜🤛

Her daughter is the smart one in the family.

Thank you, Christy! 👏

Get vaccinated and be like Christy and get your booster!

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