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Charles Edward Robinson II, 48, Cumberland, MD. Truck driver, Anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Note from Vaxman (Oct 31, 2021): We have a special guest blogger on this HALLOWEEN DAY. Please welcome Grim the Reaper Man (username: ReaperMan), who is a soul collector at Deadman, inc.

As Vaxman mentioned, I'm a Grim Reaper for Deadman, inc. (symbol DNR). I collect the souls of the dead and deliver them to our holding facility for processing. I was recently reassigned to collect the souls of those in the anti-vaxxer MLM division, which as you know grew significantly in Q3 and is doing quite well so far in Q4. The pandemic as a whole has been a real boon to the industry, as it was executed flawlessly in 2020. However, sometimes some incredible Science steps in and throws us a curveball, which forces us to regroup and rethink some of our tactics. Who could have predicted that such effective vaccines would be made and distributed so quickly? It was looking really bad in Q1 and Q2 of this year, but thankfully the current anti-vaccine MLM Facebook marketing campaign saved our 2021!

Now, as you can imagine, collecting souls can be quite tedious, monotonous, and frustrating at times. There is a lot of downtime where you just sit around waiting with nothing to do. At the same time, depending on the case, you have to put up with all of these "prayer warriors" who are praying for us to fail. That said, every once in a while I get assigned someone who is a real joy to collect. And in this case, I was lucky enough to draw Charles Robinson II.

As you can see from his shirt, Charles is a fan of the work that we do at Deadman, inc. With such an attitude, it's no wonder that Charles was sensational at pushing our messages throughout his Facebook network. There is no doubt he picked up some customers for us along the way. In this post, we'll point out where Charles excelled in his spread of disinformation.

First, let's get a statement of purpose from Charles (#FuckAroundAndFindOut):

Charles pushed our messages but managed to add his own personal touch to our memes by using black and white versions.

Great, here he's recruiting "both sides":

Throwing doubt on the FDA (quite effective):

He's using social pressure to push the idea that social pressure can force one to conform, thereby getting people to conform to his ideas (brilliant!):

Pushing the idea that facts are themselves the enemy of truth:

Playing the victim as a conspiracy theorist:

Comparing the public health measures to the Holocaust treatment of jews. Bold move on Charles' part. No doubt this was effective.

We're trying to get Ron Paul on our Board of Directors:

Pointing out anti-vaxxers is exactly like the Salem Witch Trials. Amazing.

Now we're getting somewhere! Just make it all confusing and people will give up on trusting experts and scientists:

Take the George Orwell 1984 hill!

Convince others to take up arms before telling someone your vaccine status:

Put a bunch of stuff no one can read together and tell people what you want them to get from it:

Recruiting some fat people!

Well, Charles caught COVID and ended up in the hospital:

He died from COVID:

And honestly, I've never been more proud to be a Grim Reaper. Mary Elizabeth shared a poem in appreciation of my work:

RIP Charles.

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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 22, 2022

Charles here was hateful and vile

Outlook and attitude most hostile

Now that he's gone

And under the lawn

Sometimes I come back just to smile


This fat, bald and ignorant trucker

Was also,truly, a really stupid fucker.

Now, laying dead,

his toe tag proudly says

"Vaccines sure are for suckers!"

Daughter Kendall is beggin' for cash

To bury her idiot dad's dead ass

'Cause he was too stupid to see

that dying costs more than a vax that's free.

Fuck you Charles Edward Robinson the second.and I hope to jebus that there's not any Chucky Eddie Robby the thirds running around. The world's a better place without your stupidity.


Nov 21, 2021

This guy is such a p****. Wants to take others out with him. He's a stereotypical anti-vaxxer: uneducated, blue collar job, big mouth on social networking: bastard got exactly what he deserved. He said he's not afraid to die. Well you're dead a****** how's it feel?


Nov 17, 2021

Such an ironic t-shirt


The Weedusama
The Weedusama
Nov 11, 2021

This guy is from my very small hometown. Our vaccine rates never went much above 45%. Our town is probably a gold mine for your site as many, many people are sick or dying. Lol I am pleased we got the grim reaper as a surprise guest for my hometown! For the record I'm one of the vaccinated here xD

Nov 21, 2021
Replying to

Do you live near Petticoat Junction?

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