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Chaz Blimline, 71, Rogersville, TN, Owner EZ Pawn, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Chaz died of something on March 16, 2022. We know he died from COVID because his estranged brother wrote me and said so. No love lost, I take it. Let's see what was going on with Chaz. This is a quick one.

Chaz liked to post on Facebook. He didn't post much, but when he did it was anti-vaxx.


As an anti-vaxxer he misinterpreted the real meaning of this meme. Chaz, we told YOU so! You should've gotten vaccinated.

Some just read consumer reports and the CDC recommendations, though:

Unvaccinated Americans are douchebags, though...


And...he died of something:

But here is what his brother wrote me:

Subject: Tea Party/MAGAt who wouldn't get vaccinated

Message: Trumper, MAGAt brother who wouldn't get vaccinated died a horrible death March 2022 because he would not get vaccinated. The worst part is that my 91 year old mother (vaxxed) had to deal with her son's death. He was a 'Tea Party' type who hated government giveaways, but drew Social Security, a pension from the Postal Service, and a VA disability check as the result of a pick up football game knee injury while he was at Ft. Devins. Hypocrite. This guy has always been a toxic, controlling bully his entire life, which is why I stopped dealing with him over 40 years ago.

RIP Chaz.

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I am SICKENED at the amount of right-winger MAGAts that love to criticize everything and scream "SOCIALIST BASTARDS" yet they all have their hand out for anything that

is financially beneficial to them...including trumped up Disability that is riddled with massive fraud from anti-govt slime liars and anitvaxxers. "Just give me the money, donate to my GO FUND ME, just don't ask any questions"...


If after 40 years his brother still harbors such hatred, you know this guy was a piece of work.


Chaz looks like the illegitimate child of Billy Joel and Grimace.


Dead douche-bag. Hope the kids get a chance to grow up and not become the same trash.


When your brother in law writes a letter like that after you’re dead, you’re exactly where you belong. Sorry for his family, hope they learned something without asking an expert.

11 de mai. de 2022
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It was his brother ….. actually worse

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