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Chelsey Rose, 30, Granite City, IL. Registered Nurse, anti-vaxx, died from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Chelsey Rose left us on September 22, 2021. She was "pro choice" on the vaccine, which in this case means she didn't get the vax. Another quick hitter today:

The entire world has been shut down for 2 years, and now she sees that it's a "bigger beast" than she thought.

Hey! But at least they met the GoFundMe goal! Way to go!

Again, what's up with all of these nurses?

RIP Chelsey.

UPDATE: We have a message from Emily (who ran the GoFundMe for Chelsey):

I will admit, that I am willing to put Healthcare Professionals like Registered Nurses on this site with scant evidence of their being "Anti-vaxxers". If a nurse hasn't been vaccinated by now, they are an anti-vaxxer. (Hell, if anyone hasn't been vaccinated by now they are an anti-vaxxer). Imagine a nurse not abiding by recommendations from the top levels and institutions of medicine the world over. Plus, a nurse has direct influence on others; to many of her friends and patients she represents a medical opinion by not getting vaccinated, herself.

The second problem with Emily's note is that she is hinting at her own anti-vaxxer attitude with "the vaccine has its own set of complications and has killed people". This is like arguing that seat belts shouldn't be worn because we can find an example of someone killed BECAUSE they were wearing a seatbelt. This doesn't make sense.

However, I told Emily that if she proves to me that she's been vaccinated I'll remove Chelsey's entry on this site. It's early and she hasn't responded yet.



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