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Cheri Botkin, 46, American Fork, UT, Anti-Vaxxer

Meet Cheri Botkin. She lives in the small town of American Fork, UT, right outside of Provo. She's Mormon (LDS) and breeds Goldendoodles. She's married and has three kids.

Get ready to roll your eyes a lot. And I mean a lot. Jump to comments.

I don't understand how she has almost 7k followers. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Let's start here. One year into the pandemic.


Is she having a change of heart?

Nope, the complete opposite.

If you haven't already assumed her political standing.

There was a bit of a gap in her posts starting in early January 2022. This was her last post and didn't post until the end of March.

Fast forward to December 2022.

She finally spills the beans. And Benadryl is now the miracle cure.

She now claims her mother's death is due to the COVID vaccine. Here's her mother, Jeannie Poch's obituary.

And more about how she beat the agenda.

Blah blah blah

This is straight up crazy talk.

It's one after another like this.

Sure, Cheri. If you haven't already noticed, she can't spell.

One of our HCA readers said, "she's been listening too much to right wingers calling for school choice, which is just a buzz word for a voucher system." Their ultimate goal is to demolish public schools.

She now shares some videos from her COVID journey.

She shared this on 4/17.


Shared these two last week.

I'll end it here.

One last comment. This is from one of our HCA readers. My exact sentiment.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook page at Herman Cain Awardz.

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In reply to Dark Angel; You are absolutely correct and more egalitarian and caring society would cure the majority of the gun violence problem in America. Limiting access to legitimate hunting and target shooting guns would take care of the rest (meaning no more military style weapons for average joes) recent studies of the shooters and their personal histories have shown that they are all suicidal only about 10% have real mental health issues but all have social adjustment and anger issues. Most are radicalized by talk radio, right wing organizations or fear mongering television shows or all 3. they all seem to have serious issues with their parents as well as a lack of female companionship. These characteristics ar…

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She says "Fuck Fauci" because medical personnel treated her according to established protocols?

Did I get that right?

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Miembro desconocido
09 may 2023

FAFO..derp of epic proportions.

Darwin, you are being paged…Line 1!

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Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
08 may 2023

I really couldn't read all that self proselytizing from the morbidly obese woman. But, while she's looking into her past for her Mom, she might ask for a definition of Fascism.

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JFC, this woman is a complete drama queen.

You should have gotten the vax, dumbass!

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