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Chris Serago Jensen, 68, Camas, WA, MLMer, Anti-vaxxer

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Meet Chris Serago Jensen of Camas, WA. Chris is part of the Tranont MLM group and sells some sort of immunity powder. She claims their immunity collection boosts immunity, improves nutrient absorption and supports health & wellness. I wonder if it will help her when COVID finally pays a visit. Jump to comments.

Let’s start here. Another MLMer is touting how Chris makes $600/month. They spin it that she gets a car paid for, but in reality, it's $600/month for all her hard work pushing some miracle powder.

This is one month into the pandemic, and she's already making jokes.

As you'll see, Chris likes to tout how she does her "research".

Chris is really concerned about all those poor kids.

Another thing Chris likes to claim is that she's just sharing some information from a friend.

MLMers love posting stuff like this. And the comment section is usually only filled with other MLMers.

The one that sealed the deal on abortion rights.

This so-called doctor Gloria Arroyo Grubbs is a chiropractor. 😂😂

Sure it does, Chris.

The only reason she didn't share a lot of political stuff is because it's bad for the MLM business.

Completely idiotic.

Another MLM trick. A few weeks after posting this, she'll privately message everyone that commented, telling them how her magic powder can fix them.

She doesn't strike me as the epitome of health.

This one really pissed me off.

Chris' granddaughter works in a senior living home and refuses to get vaccinated.

One of her MLM friends has COVID. Will this scare her?

Does this mean you don’t stop praying 24/7?

Her MLM friend ends up making it but seems to have some long term issues from being on a vent.

Things that NEVER happened.

I have my suspicions on this one.

Is she conducting health calls? WTF?

What actual research are you conducting, Chris? Take note that Chris has horse dewormer and Hydroxychloroquine filled and ready to use. I take Hydroxychloroquine for my rheumatoid arthritis. It's been a lifesaver, and I've been in remission for 4+ years because of it. I wish it was the cure, but it's NOT. All these anti-vaxxers did was make it more difficult to get and made the prices of it skyrocket.

A few more before we get to the fun part.

One last MLM post before she goes dark.

Uh oh.

Sadly, Chris didn’t make it. She actually passed on 12/28. We can't find an obituary for her. Her poor daughter (Vicki is not her daughter) seemed to be going through a lot. Her daughter's husband passed away due to a brain tumor just 11 days before her own mother died from COVID.

Her husband came on FB for one last goodbye.

I'll end it here. Look at everything Chris is missing out on.

You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook at Herman Cain Awardz.

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Miembro desconocido
25 may 2023

About the Covid vaccine and breast cancer: I have a coworker who is 38 years old. She received a covid vaccine about 7 months ago. The day after she got the vax, she had a lot of inflammation in one area of her breast. She examined the area of inflammation and discovered a lump. It turned out to be a triple negative form of breast cancer. Apparently the vaccine caused an increase in her white blood cells, which then gathered around the tumor, causing swelling and inflammation. So, the vaccine was what helped her discover this tumor before it metastasized. She is very lucky. After 6 months of chemo, the tumor is not detectable. She has a long way to…

Me gusta

19 abr 2023

She had an immune system folks.

Me gusta

I am confused, the Ivermectin didn’t work? 🙄 Ffs with these people. Also how does everyone always know an ICU Nurse?

Me gusta

Vaccinated Bitch
Vaccinated Bitch
05 abr 2023

COVID to anti-vaxxers

Me gusta

Vaccinated Bitch
Vaccinated Bitch
05 abr 2023

Chris' last words

Me gusta
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