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Christopher Booth, 47, Dillon, MT. Spent months on vent after Covid, still posting anti-vaxx memes.

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

This is a story about Christopher and Nicole Booth. Christopher was a firefighter and Nicole is a healthcare worker. They breed bulldogs and live in the beautiful state of Montana.

Both Nicole and Christopher contracted Covid-19 shortly after Labor Day, 2021. Nicole said she suspects they contracted it while volunteering at the rodeo while handling money, because "how many times has that dollar bill been stuffed in someone's sweaty bra or a stripper's g-string???"

Nicole recovered relatively quickly but Christopher wasn't so lucky. He was so sick that he was turning blue and had to be flown via helicopter to a hospital. He was placed in the ICU where he was eventually put on a ventilator.

I've seen a lot of Covid stories but none have documented the trials and tribulations as thoroughly as Nicole. She updated his condition almost daily and I've complied them all below. It was a real roller coaster in terms of Christopher's health and her emotions. There were many highs and lows, false hope, and setbacks but ultimately, he came through. Let's see how it went:

Sept. 26 - Oct. 2, 2021: He was ventilated, and not much was happening. He was very ill. Nicole asks for prayers.

Oct. 3 - 7, 2021: He was still on the ventilator. On the 5th she said that "Besides being a little overweight as cholesterol a little high, he is a normal 46 year old."

Nicole is thankful for the staff at St. Pete's ICU but doesn't like being home alone.

Oct 8 - 14th. 2021: He had been in ICU for 25 days and on the ventilator for 20. Christopher received a tracheotomy.

Oct 15 - 20th, 2021: They started spontaneous breathing trials. He tried to blink his eyes. On the 16th he took a couple of steps backwards. Besides that, more of the same.

Oct 21 - 25th, 2021: On the 35th day of his ICU stay and 30th on the ventilator, Nicole said, "Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that he would be this sick and up here this long." There were more ups and downs, and setbacks on the 25th. His heart rate spiked and his peg tube got pulled out. His blood pressure and O2 stats also dropped. They found small clots in his lungs and did an MRI to rule out a stroke.

Oct 26 - 31st, 2021: He was waking up more but was weak. They were starting PT, OT, RT, and speech. He was able to start sitting up and he moved out of ICU and to Advanced Care Hospital of Montana.

Nov. 1 - Nov 5th, 2021: He was being weaned off his ventilator and was ready for REAL food after 41 days of eating through a tube. He was still really weak but recovered enough to be able to speak to Nicole over the phone. He said: "we kicked Covid-19's ass."

Nov. 6 - 11th, 2021: More improvements. Christopher worked hard in his therapy sessions. On the 8th they were able to remove his trach tube!

Nov 14 - 21st, 2021: Christopher was finally able to take a shower and walked all the way to and from the dining room without stopping. He also got a visit from his dog.

Here are a couple of pictures that were posted while he was still recovering. Quite a contrast from the pre-Covid pictures.

November 24th, 2021: Christopher is finally released from rehab and going home after:

14 days in Rehab Hospital of Montana

11 days at Advanced Care Hospital

42 days in the ICU, 37 of them on a ventilator

It's been just over a year since Christopher began his battle with Covid-19. On the one year anniversary, his wife made a post thanking everyone for the support they received during Christopher's battle. He's not 100% recovered yet bit the progress he made is astounding.

We've seen Christopher's fight for life after he and his wife both got Covid. So, why was he on SAV? Let's check it out:

Here are Fauci memes he posted before he was sick from Covid:

Here are Fauci memes he posted after he was sick from Covid:

Here are the Covid and anti-mask posts he shared before he was sick with Covid:

Here are some Covid posts he shared after his battle with Covid:

I'm truly astounded at the posts Christopher has made after his battle with Covid. Nearly dying from Covid and spending 37 days on a ventilator didn't seem to change his mind about anything regarding Covid. Nicole, as a healthcare worker, was grateful to the nurses and doctors for saving his life, but has made zero mention about the Covid-19 vaccine that could have prevented this. After reading all of Nicole's updates, it's a wonder to me that anyone would NOT rush out to get vaccinated against Covid-19. If you're on the fence about getting the vaccine, READ EACH UPDATE and ask yourself if you want this for yourself or someone you love! It's a true horror story and it's amazing that Christopher made it out alive.

Don't let this happen to you. Please get vaccinated for Covid-19 and don't forget your flu shot, too!

If you are unsure of when you should get your booster, here is a good resource from the CDC. To find the Covid-19 vaccine or booster near you, visit

PS: Please don't post to their Facebook pages. It dries up any hope for updates. This is a good case to follow to see how someone who barely survived Covid copes with the long term effects.

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He is so earth-shatteringly stupid it's hard to even process.

Thank God society has found an economic slot for these folks, mostly.


Oct 13, 2022

Yes you are, Chris. You are indeed “a stupid”…


Oct 08, 2022

His friend Kevin Barry is a hottie


Oct 08, 2022

He has to continue posturing, even unto his own untimely death because he'll get booted out of the cult and we all know how free and independent minded these jackoffs are!

Meanwhile, while nearly 70, I do free weights, pilates, and floor work every other day for 45-60 minutes and go up and down my 3 floors with hardly a notice.

So far, no walker nor cane needed!🤞🏼


Katrina Kennedy
Katrina Kennedy
Oct 07, 2022

He will never get his health back. He looks like a 70 yr old man and that isn't going to change, it's so hard to recover muscle wasting like his for anyone over 40.

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