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Cindy Johansen, 69, Anti-vax wife of Maine State Representative Chris Johansen, has died of COVID

Originally posted August 13, 2021

According to this story, "Aroostook County GOP treasurer, anti-masker and #antivaxxer Cindy Johansen, wife of state Rep. Chris Johansen, has lost her battle with COVID and died this morning, according to posts on her husband’s Facebook page.”

There aren't any pictures of Cindy we could find. The one above is her profile picture on her Facebook page.

Chris Johansen, a Maine State Representative, is a well documented Anti-vaxxer and Anti-masker. He is also very sick with COVID and fighting for his life in the hospital.

We DO CARE if you've had your vaccine. We actually wanted you to live.

Aug 13, 2022 Update:

It's been one year since the original post on Cindy. Unlike his wife, Chris is still around.

How has life changed for Chris Johansen after losing his wife?

Well, last November, he resigned. According to this article, in his resignation letter he said that "his wife's dedication to the family farm allowed him to serve in the Legislature and that he no longer has the time to manage both duties." The article goes on to say "the decision was difficult because of the ongoing fight against what he described as the expansion of state power during the pandemic."

When I first saw this post I thought he'd actually gotten his Covid vaccine! I was wrong.

His views on Covid haven't changed and he's been posting a lot on Facebook:

There's this gem:

This original story only had 17 comments so you can really tell how readership has grown in the past year.

New stories have been difficult to find so in between sleuthing sessions we'll be updating some of our older stories. Maybe we'll find some redemption cases! Fingers crossed.

Be well and have a great weekend.

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Jeff Isaacson
Jeff Isaacson
Sep 02, 2022

She said Whoaa! to sanity.


This guy is a real dick.


doodood thecat
doodood thecat
Aug 26, 2022

His wife was a 69-yr-old horse named Cindy and it had facebook? and covid? Dayam. lol 😁


Every day a few hundred of these voters are no longer casting ballots. It adds up, no?


Updates matter, this dead AV is more than confirmation to me. I see these dying and dead as examples of proof that propaganda works on subsets of any group. With the social media reach that many AV have, they don`t seem to notice that they get 3 initially, then maybe a dumb dozen of thumbs up, then no more. I watch the vids of anti-mask jerks shouting on planes, while they are being removed. It seems they are shocked, that standing up and asking others to agree with you in those moments is going nowhere. Who wants to be tossed off the plane and risk 50,000 dollars fines for fighting with flight crew with me!!!!!! Anti mask,anti vax, anti- curren…

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