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Dale and Melissa Williams, 52, 54, Georgetown, IL, Against Vaccination, both dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Melissa died on September 17 and Dale died on September 20. They both died from complications due to COVID infections. Dale was the anti-vaxx social poster of the family. You have to be impressed with this man's spirit, he went down yelling. (by the way, if anyone finds a better picture of Dale could you post in the comments and I'll change it) Edit: Found a better picture of Dale.

So, yeah, Dale liked his memes and he let everyone know how he felt. Quite honestly, I'm not so sure Dale convinced anyone to avoid getting vaccinated. Judge for yourself:

God, I hate the chick in this video that we've seen countless times....

So, on August 29 he admits he has COVID and that it sucks...

But the very next day he disparages the vaccine and idiots:

The "COVID is no joke" epiphany so may have with COVID:

Wife goes to the hospital, apparently he's still at home:

He can't text anymore because it hurts...

Starting to get worried...

It's moving day!! Wait, what?

He's dying of COVID and he's worried about moving out of his apartment?

He's got COVID and he's going to Walmart and the Laundromat?

He wants a lemonade? What the hell is going on with this guy?

NO JOKE! What did he put in that lemonade shakeup?

Looking for quick exit?

He's drinking and getting high? What's a mooncricket hunt?

Interestingly, his wife did say she needed to get off the phone on the 11th (this was her last post ever):

Here is a picture of Melissa who never posted anything about COVID or vaccines. This was the only post that even hinted that she was having trouble. BUT, a commentor on Sorryantivaxxer below found this article which states that Melissa lost her mother to COVID and still refused to get vaccinated.

Here's Dale picking out their resting place in March 2020...

RIP Dale and Melissa.

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