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Daughter Impels Parents Not to Get Vaccinated

I'm going to introduce you to the Hughes family of Hillsboro, Missouri. Thomas and Betty Hughes are married with four adult children, 15 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. We're going to focus on their two very vocal anti-vaxx daughters, Amanda Lamkins and Wendy Blass. Jump to comments.

We'll start in 2020. Amanda seemed to be down the rabbit hole of Qanon conspiracies and later moved on to anti-vaxx conspiracies.

In March 2021, Amanda asked her friends if they were going to get vaccinated. Amanda claimed to have had COVID already and was begging her 65+ parents NOT to get vaccinated.

She then shared this shoddy screenshot that is supposed to convince her parents to not get vaccinated. 😬 I can't even imagine begging my senior parents NOT to get vaccinated. During this entire pandemic, they were always the most vulnerable.

Here are some of Wendy and Amanda's thoughts on the vaccine.

Wendy really seemed to care about those service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan. 😉

At this point, their father Thomas is sick with COVID.

Their mother Betty shared with everyone that Thomas was hospitalized with COVID.

And Wendy is still shitposting...

Wendy finally shared an update about her dad. She never mentioned COVID, though. I wonder why?

On September 24, 2021, 67-year-old Thomas Hughes passed away.

Of course, they activated GoFundMe with zero mention of COVID.

Amanda pops back on after being in FB jail for 30 days and lets everyone know about her father's passing.

She's back to shitposting.

How many times have we heard this one from anti-vaxxers?

Amanda, come read the stories on SAV and HCAz and learn about all of the anti-vaxxers who have died at home. There are plenty of them.

Her father died less than a month from this post and she's screaming already about not living in fear. WTF?

I don't have confirmation of Thomas's vaccination status but I have a pretty good hunch that if he was vaccinated, Wendy and Amanda would have shouted that from the rooftops. That would have been their ammo, but instead, they kept their dad's COVID status hush hush and continued on with their anti-vaxx rhetoric.

UPDATE 5/5/22: Amanda left us these messages. And what does 2000 Mules, the movie alleging election fraud have to do with COVID?

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