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Dave Hicks, 53, Navarre, FL. Realtor & Mgr at Navarre Water Sports, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this obituary Dave died on October 12, 2021. He died from COVID. He's survived by his wife and two sons. As far as anti-vaxxers go, Dave was quite angry at the whole masks and vaccines thing. There's a positive note at the end.

David posted on his Facebook page a lot about COVID:

He wasn't afraid...

Stop being sheep! He wants a drink. So do I.

He felt there was a greater risk with the vaccine than with COVID itself (according to breaking911).

Things really heat up in August with the memes. (I've noticed that August seemed to be the height of anti-vaxx meme spread):

Dr. DeSantis, M.D. proved it!

Seems we're at number 9:

Whatever happened to that Gamma variant? It looked so promising!

Standard meme:

Wouldn't be a complete anti-vaxxer without the call to imprison Dr. Fauci.

And calling Fauci a liar...

He's had it...

Seems this is the second time he's gotten COVID. Not bad...

He's hating Facebook, but aren't we all?

He's done...(with Facebook)...

Oh, no he's actually done.

On a positive note, his friend tries to cheer him up in a post-mortem:

RIP Dave.

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Apr 29, 2022

Of all the stories I've read on here so far, I gotta say this guy is one of the ones I feel the least sorry for. Not necessarily because of his views but just the fact that he came off as a total douchebag a-hole!! Just looking at his picture you can tell he's a big whiner


Most antivaxxers who believe it’s Bill‘s master plan to reduce the global population back to half a billion by 2030 (agenda 21/30) have a poor grasp of maths. This should equate to about 2 million excess deaths a DAY. At this rate, should take about a few hundred years. Must point out though, my maths is not great, but can work it out roughly.


Oct 31, 2021

This tough guy sure was a real piece of work with his sassy slow-motion suicide. We’re all super impressed over here and feel very owned!! 🤣 Keep up the good work, COVID19!


Were masks and vax passports required for his celebration of life? Or will more celebrations of life be happening next month?


Johnpsmith Smith
Johnpsmith Smith
Oct 27, 2021

Wait you forgot to ask for money on gofundme. LOL you dumbass. Now you are officially done with facebook.

Replying to

The estranged family quickly cut the cord to this unstable jackass.

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