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David Gollaher, 55, Leasburg, MO. Roofing consultant, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

UPDATE(1/12/22): Dave's not here, man. see below

Original Post(1/5/2022):

According to social media posts (below), Dave is in the ICU, had a stroke, is paralyzed and on a ventilator. Dave and his wife Melinda are vigilant spreaders of anti-vaxx memes and opinions on Facebook. Dave is now in a bad way and may even be asking to be let go, but they can't understand him. Melinda is blaming everyone but herself and her husband for the shape he's in. This could have been avoided. This post is so long that here's a link to the comment section.

Hold on tight, it's going to get rocky:

----------------------Let's start with Melinda's posts------------------------

Standard meme here:

What these idiots don't understand is that SCIENCE overturned these. Not a bunch of rednecks in a small town in Missouri. It takes science to correct science.

I'm posting this for the irony:

You thought you were supporting your family by NOT PROTECTING THEM?

Yeah, it's entirely about profit. BUT when did profit motive become bad to right wingers?

-------------------------OK, now let's let Dave catch up on posts--------------------

I think he agrees with her position:

Another one of those famous August '21 memes:

I don't think that's what's killing you:

By now billions of people had been "tested":

Research seems to be going our way:

At this point, you might not know you have it because you're unconscious.

That's so funny. :(

What a riot. :(

See Florida:

... because a lot of them are dead:

Because they are vaccinated?

----------------Ok...let's go back to Melinda----------------

Dave caught COVID, but "Things are ideal for his situation":

Things are looking up! He can nod and blink.

He's on a sedation vacation:

Dave had a stroke:

She thinks Remdesivir caused his stroke?

Beware of Remdesivir (FYI, one company recalled 2 lots, and there were no reported complications from either of those lots):

She's discovered a cutting edge COVID treatment!

Oh, it's Heparin. By the way, why is she depending on the fact checkers of Facebook and not the medical staff taking care of her husband? Seems odd.

What on earth is she blabbing about?

Clearly they are suggesting pulling the plug. She wants a second opinion from "Teledoc" on whether or not he'll be vent-dependent and a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. Zoom is a great way to figure this out.

She is certifiably insane.

Not sure what happened here:

Oh man, I hate to say this but I wonder if he's saying "kill me"? I sure would be.

Blame everyone and everything but your own decisions for this. That's the anti-vaxxer way.

No outcome for Dave is going to pleasant.


UPDATE (1/12/2022): Dave died. He's now in a better place, dancing with the bear:

RIP Dave.

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